Do Cockatiels Make Good Pets?

If you guys love birds, then surely you are going to fall in love with cockatiels. The cockatiel is a very gentle bird, and if you love parrots, you will like this bird for sure because most of the qualities of parrot are found in cockatiels. It’s an amiable bird you can keep in your house. The bird can easily fit in a cage and live happily in it, so that’s also an advantage. If you live in a small apartment and you are a lover of pets, this bird “cockatiel’” is going to be best for you. 

Do Cockatiels Make Good Pets

So coming to the main point,

Do Cockatiels Make Good Pets?

Yes, Cockatiels are one of the best pets you can have, and you’ll never get tired of them. There are many reasons why Cockatiels make good pets such as they are easy to train, Cockatiel can be a good companion and Cockatiel can talk with you.

Reasons Why Cockatiels Make Good Pet?

Cockatiels are tiny birds that are easy to take care of, and they can fit in small areas. They don’t acquire huge spaces. There is a couple of informative reasons mentioned below that why cockatiel can be a good pet.

1. Cockatiels Are Easy to Train

Cockatiel Training

Yes, you heard it right. Cockatiels are easy to train. Cockatiel doesn’t get familiar with you very early, but once you give it good attention, they get to know you. You can train your cockatiel by spending a reasonable amount of time with your bird. It depends on your watch how much you give your bird time daily. Once you give your bird good attention daily, you can undoubtedly train them to learn some words, shake hands, etc.

2. Cockatiels Fit In Easily

If you are living in a small apartment and you are a lover of pets, you will love cockatiel. A friendly bird that can fit in a cage and can enjoy and play there easily. So you it doesn’t affect your space too much in your home or apartment.

3. Cockatiels Can Talk

Yes, cockatiel can talk, not like other birds, but if you spend a reasonable amount of time training them. They can surely learn some words if you interact with them daily and teach them.

4. Cockatiel Can Play

Yes, cockatiels come on the list of some brilliant birds. Cockatiels like to play with small toys. If you spend a little bit of time playing with birds and toys, they indeed learn to play more and more, and they enjoy that.

5. Cockatiels are Attractive

There are various colors in a cockatiel, and they look charming at first sight due to their colors. They are small cute little birds which makes them more attractive. These birds get familiar with you after some time, and they can play with toys as well. So a cute little cockatiel playing with small toys in its cage looks attractive and that’s why people love them as pets.

6. Cockatiels Can Be Your Travel Companion

Unlike other pets like dogs and cats, if you travel with them, you always have to look around for them, not the case with a cockatiel. If you are going on the journey with your family in a car, you have to put your cockatiel cage in the back of your vehicle, and you can easily travel with it because neither they tease you or acquire a large amount of space.

Cockatiels Health Should be a Priority

The most important part is the health of the cockatiel. The cockatiel is a small bird that can get sick quickly and repeatedly if not cared for. Cockatiel has a small appetite and can eat a small amount and limited types of food. So if you give them anything that comes in front of you and gives them different items daily with no care, they can get sick very quickly or die too. So try to provide food that is only healthy for your bird. This article has a list of Food that Cockatiels Can Eat. Check it out. 

Cockatiel Eating

There are many fruits that cockatiel loves to eat, like mango, apple, orange, banana, blueberries, watermelon, grapes, etc. But you have to give that too in fewer amounts and after a gap of the period because these fruits have sugar, potassium so the excessive amount of these fruits can also get your cockatiel sick. Another thing you need to take care of is that whatever you give your cockatiel must be adequately clean so that they stay away and safe from different germs.

Pros and Cons of Cockatiel as a Pet

As we have given you some information about cockatiels, let’s now discuss some pros and cons of cockatiel too so you can have a better idea to decide either you want to keep cockatiel as a pet or not.

  • Cockatiels are cute and attractive birds.
  • Cockatiels are not too expensive so everybody can afford to buy a cockatiel.
  • Cockatiels require small ample space.
  • You can travel with them very quickly.
  • Cockatiels don’t eat costly foods.
  • Cockatiels can learn to talk.
  • Cockatiels play with small toys.
  • They get can get ill easily.
  • Every time you have to be very cautious about their diet.
  • They acquire a big, tiny cage than other birds.

So if you are looking for a pet “cockatiel”, this was complete information about this bird. And if you buy a cockatiel, it will give you good company as a bit of pet. Once they fit in your environment, they will live happily with you.


So in this article, you were given complete information about cockatiels being good pets. If a person has a love for birds, then he’ll surely love cockatiel. Every pet has its pros and cons, so does cockatiel, but cockatiel has many positive points that will attract you towards the bird. So this was all about cockatiel being a good pet. For more detail or information, contact us or leave a comment in our section below.


1. What’s a cockatiel’s favorite treat?

Every fruit would be a treat to cockatiel because they love eating fruits. Still, you want to give your cockatiel a pleasure, go for apples and melons.

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