12 Types of Herons in Texas (with Pictures)

Types of Herons in Texas

Have you ever marveled at the grace and beauty of a heron as it glides through the sky or expertly plucks its next meal from the water? Texas is home to a diverse array of these magnificent birds, with 12 different species making their home in the Lone Star State. From the towering Great Blue … Read more

9 Types of Herons (with Pictures)

Types of Herons

From the majestic Great Blue Heron to the elusive Green Heron, these 9 types of herons are a sight to behold. Each with its own distinct characteristics, these wading birds are a common sight in wetlands and along coastlines worldwide. With their striking plumage and impressive hunting abilities, herons have fascinated ornithologists and bird watchers … Read more

7 Types of Herons in Florida

Types of Herons in Florida

Seeing a heron of some kind is almost certain in each body of water you visit. These beautiful birds like to feed in areas with shallow water, where they may wade about and explore for food. Species of herons, including the Great Blue Heron, are readily identifiable when they appear in the vicinity. However, keep … Read more