13 Types of Sparrows in Missouri

Species of Sparrows in Missouri

Hello everyone, in this article, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience on the 13 types of sparrows that can be found in Missouri. As a birdwatcher and nature enthusiast, sparrows have always fascinated me, but identifying them can sometimes be tricky. Therefore, I’ve put together a concise overview of the different types of … Read more

18 Types of Sparrows in Colorado

Types of Sparrows in Colorado

Sparrows are small, seed-eating birds that are found throughout the world. Colorado is home to a diverse array of sparrow species, ranging from the common house sparrow to the rare lark sparrow. In this article, I will introduce 18 different types of sparrows that can be found in Colorado, including their key characteristics, habitat preferences, … Read more

How Long Do Sparrows Live? (Sparrow Lifespan)

How Long Do Sparrows Live

Sparrows are notorious for being fiercely competitive in nesting and food. They aren’t afraid to take over another bird’s feeder or, in certain circumstances, their nesting place. The only explanation for this is that they are not fussy eaters and will live in any cavity or aperture. Sparrows have a three-year lifespan on average. House … Read more