Alaskan Birds: Common Birds in Alaska

common birds in alaska

Alaska is the biggest state in the United States. It is so large that some of its national parks are larger than whole nations. Despite this, it has the smallest population.  Almost a million visitors travel to Alaska on cruises to see its pristine beauty every year. Aside from the natural sceneries, the relatively low … Read more

West Virginia Birds: Common Birds in West Virginia

Common Birds in West Virginia

West Virginia is home to various native bird species noted for their gorgeous mountains and rolling hills. In West Virginia, over 366 distinct bird species may be spotted at various times of the year. The Northern Cardinal, including its unique color and singing, maybe seen all year in West Virginia. Also, it is known to … Read more

Vermont Birds: Common Birds in Vermont

Common Birds in Vermont

Vermont, known as the “Green Mountain State,” is home to millions of acres of forest areas, lowland valleys, and more. It’s a birder’s paradise. Vermont provides a diverse range of habitats for birds, including lowlands, hills, and mountains. A variety of native bird species may be found in Vermont. In Vermont, over 389 distinct bird … Read more

South Dakota Birds: Common Birds in South Dakota

Common Birds in South Dakota

The ‘Mount Rushmore State of South Dakota is a wonderful site to be a birder, with gorgeous rolling plains and the Black Hills National Forest. A diverse range of bird species can be found in South Dakota. More than 400 different bird species call it home. There is a variety of species. One will observe … Read more

Delaware Birds: Common Birds in Delaware

Common Birds in Delaware

Despite being the smallest state in the union (after Rhode Island), Delaware offers one of the most diverse animal sceneries you’ll ever witness, particularly in terms of birds. The precise number of types of birds in Delaware is debated, but it is between 390 and 420! The little state is home to a variety of … Read more

North Dakota Birds: Common Birds of North Dakota

Common Birds of North Dakota

North Dakota is known for being a bird-friendly state, with a nickname like ‘The Peace Garden State.’ The Hills, with their sculpted domes and pyramids, the lush Drift Plains, and the gorgeous Missouri Plateau, provide a variety of attractive areas that attract a variety of birds to come here. Today, we’ll take a look at … Read more

Hawaiian Birds: Common Birds in Hawaii

Common Birds of Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a diverse range of bird species throughout the world. Although Hawaii is an American state, most of the birds found there are unique to North America. It’s impossible to estimate how many species exist in any one location. The present official state list includes 337 species. Surprisingly, just 64 of them … Read more

Florida Seabirds: Common Sea Birds of Florida

Common Sea Birds of Florida

Florida’s coastline stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Keys, then around to the Gulf, then north and west over the panhandle. With so much coastline, it offers a variety of coastal birds. As a result, we will focus on some of Florida’s most common and attractive beach birds. These birds fly over lakes, swim … Read more

Florida Birds of Prey (With Pictures)

Florida Birds of Prey

The sunshine state of Florida is host to 196 bird species, including 20 kinds of birds of prey. People and pets have been known to be attacked by birds of prey when these birds are agitated. Florida Birds of Prey 1. Golden Eagle Golden eagles have dark brown backs, lengthy brown wings, and long tails … Read more

Different Types of Orange Breasted Birds

Different Types of Orange Breasted Birds

Are you a fan of the color orange? Today is your lucky day! We’ll look at the many varieties of orange-breasted birds that you may locate so you can learn more about them and maybe add a new species or two to your list. Orange birds may be found in many different bird groups worldwide, … Read more