21 Types of Small Birds

Types of Small Birds

Have you ever wondered about the fluttering, feathery creatures that bring life to our gardens and parks? They come in all shapes and sizes, each with its unique personality and beauty. From the cheerful chirping of the goldfinch to the melodious warbling of the robin, small birds play a big role in the animal kingdom. … Read more

23 Most Common European Birds (with Pictures)

Most Common European Birds

From the majestic Green Finch soaring high in the mountains to the common sparrow chirping in city parks, Europe is home to a diverse array of bird species. But which birds are the most commonly found across the continent? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 23 birds that call Europe their … Read more

8 Most Common Birds in Kansas (with Pictures)

Most Common Birds in Kansas

Kansas is a beautiful city in Missouri State. This city is a blend of astonishing cultures and traditions. It is known for its cultural heritage, land birds, and its flora-and-fauna. When it comes to birds, Kansas City has the most exotic bird species. You do not have to go to specific places to see them; … Read more

10 Most Common Birds in Canada (with Pictures)

Most Common Birds in Canada

The objective is to assist you in recognizing the most common birds across Canada, even if you want to expand your garden with flowers to entice various species or you’re just interested in identifying the species that are most common across Canada. And if you’re ready to meet their nutritional requirements, particularly throughout the winter, … Read more

15 Best Movies and Documentaries about Birds

documentaries about birds

If you’re fascinated with birds, spending several hours every week to go birdwatch around your favorite sites won’t be enough to fulfill your urge and scratch that itch. So, just what is a birder to do during the hours when they can’t go out looking for and see their favorite feathery specimens? If you didn’t … Read more

16 Most Common Birds in Manitoba, Canada

Most Common Birds in Manitoba

Manitoba represents the most eastern of the 3 Prairie Provinces. It has borders with Saskatchewan on the west, North Dakota and Minnesota on the south, and Ontario on the east. To the north, it is limited by Nunavut and Hudson Bay. Manitoba has a diverse bird population, reflecting the state’s diverse habitats and seasonal fluctuations … Read more

What Seeds Do Birds Eat? (15 Best Seeds Listed)

What Seeds Do Birds Eat

Sunflower seed is the primary ingredient in the majority of backyard bird feeders since it draws the broadest range of birds. To diversify the birds that frequent your garden, try using different kinds of seeds. Red millet, oats, and other “fillers” are typically not appetizing to most birds, and combinations containing them can produce a … Read more

8 Most Common Birds in Toronto, Canada (with Pictures)

Most Common Birds in Toronto

People are fascinated and enthralled by birds. We humans can’t help but be inspired, if not a bit envious, by the legendary cry of the Common Loon, the vivid brilliance of the Scarlet Tanager, or the cheeky bravery of the Black-capped Chickadee. It appears to be a terrific time to be a bird. Birds are … Read more

10 Best Birding Apps (Android and iOS)

Best Birding Apps

This article lists the top 10 birdwatching apps of the past year, followed by a quick yet detailed overview. Along with this explanation, you can read a few important details that might assist you in choosing the best app for bird identification. These applications may assist you in determining the species of a bird or … Read more