How to Attract Blue Jays? (13 Easy Tips)

How to Attract Blue Jays

Attracting blue jays to your backyard can be a fun and rewarding experience. These colorful and intelligent birds are a common sight in many parts of the United States and Canada, and they are known for their bold personalities and distinctive calls. In this article, we will provide 13 tips on how to attract blue … Read more

What Do Baby Blue Jays Eat?

What Do Baby Blue Jays Eat

Blue Jays are eye-catching birds known for their vivid blue hue and are easily identified by their lovely look and unique song. These large-feathered birds may be spotted in the east and center of the United States, usually. The adult blue jays are frequently spotted breaking and smashing seeds and nuts when they invade other … Read more

19 Most Interesting and Fun Facts about Blue Jays

Most Interesting and Fun Facts about Blue Jays

The Blue Jay is well-known across society as one of North America’s most attractive and clever birds. These birds have a range that stretches from Alberta in Canada to Florida in the United States, as well as the southeast and the central United States. Their migration patterns have also revealed that whereas their eastern populations … Read more