About BirdAdviser


BirdAdviser is on a mission to provide quality knowledge from experience and education.

The mission is to bring awareness and education for all species of birds to novice bird lovers and add to the background knowledge experienced bird lovers already have. Not only do we look at different species from all over, but we also dig into care for birds, from wild birds to ones in your home.

A big dream of BirdAdviser is to spread my wingspan of knowledge over as many people as possible while also bringing them to nature.

Bird enthusiasts are responsible for observing the nature of birds while also advocating for the protection and preservation of the beautiful creatures along with their habitats and care.

This site is for you if you find yourself even a tiny bit curious about the types of birds you are seeing in your own backyard. Curiosity starts us down a wonderful learning path, and you may find yourself venturing into the wild to observe even more amazing birds.

I want to make sure you have the knowledge you need! I hope you find new knowledge here in the beautiful world of bird enthusiasts!

About the Author

Lily Aldrin

Hello! I’m Lily Aldrin, the founder, and author of BirdAdviser.

My love of birds began during my teenage years. My admiration for the creatures grew when I took on a pair of Parakeets and a Cockatiel.

I found the birds to be breathtaking and mesmerizing through the way they lived and communicated.

Birds can be so powerful but also fragile. They are comforting yet mysterious; the beauty of birds called to me along with the science of it all.

I found myself having questions that lead to answers that lead to even more questions. My passion became clear to me that I wanted to grow my knowledge of all species of birds, their habitats, and lifestyles.

I attended Cornell University, where I obtained my degree to become an Ornithologist so I could pursue my love of these magnificent creatures in and out of their natural habitats.

I will always be an advocate for birds. You can find me searching for birds through daily life because I feel such inspiration from them.

While we experience living daily, most people struggle to take time to stop to listen and observe the nature around them.

I find it relaxing as much as I do fascinating.

I created BirdAdviser because I am dedicated to promoting different species, their habits, and even misconceptions about birds so that people everywhere can experience the awe that I do when observing birds.

So whether you’re a backyard bird watcher or a traveling expert on birds, I am glad to have you here!

Whether you have questions or just want to contact another bird enthusiast to share experiences with, I would love to hear from you! 

Contact me here at li**@bi*********.com

-Lily Aldrin


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