Arizona Birds: Most Common Birds in Arizona

Most Common Birds in Arizona

There are a variety of native bird species in Arizona. Throughout the year, Arizona is home to around 560 different bird species. A variety of birds can be found in California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico due to their shared border with Arizona. From familiar species like the Mourning Dove to uncommon ones like the … Read more

20 Common Birds in North Carolina (with Pictures)

Most Common Birds in NC

From the majestic bald eagle to the elusive wood thrush, North Carolina is home to a diverse array of avian species. But have you ever wondered which birds are the most commonly spotted in the Tar Heel State? Join us on a journey through the top 20 most frequently seen birds in North Carolina, where … Read more

15 Most Common Birds in Washington State (with Pictures)

birds in washington state

When it comes to birding, Washington’s “Evergreen State” is a wonderful location to be. You have a recipe for a rich and diversified birding habitat when you have locations like the Rocky Mountains, Coast Range, and Puget Sound Lowlands.  There are many bird species in Washington. Birds of more than 508 different species may be … Read more

16 Most Common Birds in Wisconsin (with Pictures)

most common birds in wisconsin

Birdwatching in Wisconsin is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors while witnessing birds you wouldn’t normally see unless you lived nearby. Many people in Wisconsin are unaware that the state is home to dozens of different bird species, but if you start exploring, you’ll discover many beautiful birds you’ve never heard of.  Because … Read more