How Much Do Cockatiels Cost?

If you want to own Cockatiel as a pet, you would naturally think about the various aspects of owning the bird. These aspects would include not only the type of pet bird that you wish to own but also some other things. Most important would be the sum total of the cost.

If you are wondering that how much a Cockatiel would cost, you have stumbled upon the best article. The answer to the question is not that simple. The complete expenditure outline can be drawn for a cockatiel by focusing on two things. One would be the buying cost. The second would be the expenditure on the bird’s maintenance, i.e., food and living space, etc.

In the given article, we have sketched an extensive and detailed account of Cockatiel’s buying and caretaking costs. We have summed up all the factors that you need to focus upon if you want to own a Cockatiel, along with elaborate expenditure values.

Cockatiel in Pet Store

How Much Does A Cockatiel Cost?

The price of the Cockatiel varies depending upon the breed, age, mutation, health, and personality of the bird. However, for standard Cockatiel, you are likely to pay around $150.

Cockatiels are relatively smaller birds, but they have a really sweet personality and are highly energetic. They basically come from Australia and a regular Cockatiel measures about 13 inches in length and 4 ounces in weight. This standard Cockatiel is comparatively more expensive than Parakeets but lesser in price range than most other pet birds.

Prices of Different Cockatiel Breeds

While a normal grey breed of a cockatiel is approximately $150, you would be expected to pay differently for a number of other breeds.

1. Lutino Cockatiel – $150 to $200

Lutino Cockatiel

Lutino Cockatiel, which also goes by the name “Yellow Cockatiel” ranges from $150 to $200.

2. Pied Cockatiel – $110 to $170

Pied Cockatiel

Pied Cockatiel can go all the way from $110 to $170.

3. Cinnamon Cockatiel – $130 to $160

Cinnamon Cockatiel

Cinnamon Cockatiel’s price ranges from $130 to $160.

4. White Cockatiel – $200 to $300

White Cockatiel

White Cockatiel, also popularly known as the Albino Cockatiel or the white-faced cockatiel, the cost ranges from $200 to $300.

5. Pearl Cockatiel – $150 to $200

Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl Cockatiel would cost $150 to $200.

The above variation in the breed is generally only in terms of color. The birds will tend to have similar personalities to each other as well as a normal grey breed.

Price Comparison with Other Birds

The table is given below consists of comparative prices of different bird species.

Bird species Cost per bird
Cockatiel  $50 – $150
Canary $150 – $200
Zebra Finch $20 – $30
Australian Parakeet (Green) $20 – $30
English Parakeet (Blue) $25 – $40
Parrot $100 – $300

Factors Affecting a Cockatiel’s Price

There are many birds available for sale in pet stores as well as online. You must know the details of which type/breed you want to get for yourself before going pet shopping. You must keep in mind that different Cockatiels have different prices depending on multiple factors. We have divided these factors into different categories and given an account of each one in an extensive discussion below.

1. Age of the Cockatiel

The price range of Cockatiels depends hugely upon the age. A young, fully weaned bird would be the best choice since it can form new bonds quickly. This will cost much more than an old cockatiel. This is because the older ones tend to get duller with time.

2. How the Cockatiel is raised

The price of a Cockatiel can vary depending upon the way it was raised. A bird that was raised in human flocks costs higher than the one raised in a pet store. This difference occurs because the birds raised in a pet store have had the company of other birds. Therefore, they get along better with their fellow birds rather than with human beings.

3. Buying Breeding Pairs

Usually, you can get a Cockatiel at a discounted price if you are buying a breeding pair or two birds together.

4. Genetic Lineage

A Cockatiel that belongs to a lower genetic lineage will also have lowered price value.

5. Other Factors

Other factors such as the presence of any blemishes or marks on the feathers of the bird can also reduce the buying cost of the cockatiel.

Other Expenses After Buying a Cockatiel

Buying a bird does not put an end to the expenditure budget. Since the bird cannot live on its own and it needs your complete care and assistance as a pet owner, you have to give them the appropriate supplications.

1. Cage

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Once you buy a Cockatiel, you will also have to get a bunch of accessories, equipment, and supplies in order to get your bird comfortable and going. A cage is a basic necessity for keeping any bird. You can get a very cheap and small cage costing about $90. However, it is not recommendable to buy a cheap one because it wouldn’t last very long. An appropriately priced and good quality cage could be easily purchased for $120 – $200. This cage is my recommendation for Cockatiel, Click Here to Check on Amazon 

2. Travel Cage

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Keeping a pet comes with a package of frequent vet visits. In order to carry your pet temporarily around for health care visits or picnic trips, you would require a travel cage. These cages cost around $50 – $150. 

3. Perches

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Perches are good for exercise. Cockatiels would require a few perches of different sizes placed within the cage. These will help the bird to do regular physical exercise, which will, in turn, stimulate its cognitive strengths. It is most likely to cost you $10 to $30.

4. Toys

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Like all birds, Cockatiels enjoy playing games too. In order to keep your Cockatiel busy and yourself entertained, you will have to invest another $20 or so in buying some good toys for your pet. 

5. Bird Insurance

Unlike most other exotic birds, Cockatiels get insured at rather lower prices. But it is still recommended to cover the cost of insurance in order to have something to hold on to in emergency situations.

6. Food

Food is a basic requirement for all pets. This is going to cost you around $10 to $30 per week. The price depends highly on the quality and size of the food you purchase.

7. Cleanliness

One of the minor expenses includes the cleaning cost of the bird. You may need to top up your supplies on a regular basis. In order to get your pet-safe cleaning products, you will have to put another $10 aside. 

8. Healthcare

Since Cockatiel is a living organism, it will require frequent medical checkups and visits to a vet. You will have to vaccinate it in order to protect it from bird diseases. Furthermore, you will have to set aside a particular amount of money to invest in buying medicines and get them treated by the vet for seasonal sicknesses.

9. Intangible Costs

All of the above-listed products and services will take up only a small amount of the cost. However, owning a Cockatiel (or any other pet in general) would require you to give them your attention and affection as well. You will have to give them an hour or two of interaction per day. During this time, you might;

  • Play with it.
  • Give it challenges.
  • Make its exercise.
  • Or just talk.

This time and attention is an intangible cost for owning a Cockatiel in particular or any other pet in general.


Summing it all up, it can be said that Cockatiels are not really expensive to keep as pets. The article has explored in detail the several factors that need to be considered and analyzed before owning a Cockatiel.

The tiny requirements such as play toys as well as basic necessities like food, cage, health care, and cleanliness have all been analyzed. A complete layout of cost prices for each and every item and service has been given. After reading this article thoroughly you will find yourself in a better position to decide that whether or not you’re going to own a Cockatiel.


1. What age is the best for buying a Cockatiel?

The best time to buy a Cockatiel is when it is a young baby, right after it is weaned and strong enough to get adapted into a new environment. Even though it will be pretty expensive at this time but for better bonding and adaptation a baby Cockatiel is the best choice.

2. Where should you buy a Cockatiel?

Cockatiels can be shipped to your location, or you might have to go buy them from a pet store. The most common place to go to would be Petco.

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