How to Train Cockatiels? (Easy Steps)

If you want to own a Cockatiel you must be wondering about the ways in which you can train it. In order to understand the training procedure of a Cockatiel, you need to follow a set procedure.

Cockatiels are generally friendly and easy to tame. You just need some amount of information regarding the skill of training your Cockatiel. If you are successful in grasping these techniques that have been mentioned in the article, you will be a good pet owner.

The given article is an elaborate description of all the ways in which you can successfully train your bird. There are some step-by-step procedures and detailed instructions. Following these steps will guide you to be a brilliant Coach for your Cockatiel.

Cockatiel Training

How to Train Cockatiels? (Cockatiel Training)

Training your Cockatiel is not as difficult as it might look. If you are patient and considerate you can achieve the best results. Your pet needs to get used to you being around you.

Due to a Cockatiel’s inherently social nature, it will become friends with you as soon as possible. If it becomes your friend, you will have to make moves that you do not scare it.

The training process will require a good number of days to be completed. Do not try to rush that has its sweet time adjusting to the environment.

1. Clip the Wings

Clip Cockatiel Wings

When you bring a new pet bird home you are completely changing its environment so you need to understand that the bird will require time to adjust to a new atmosphere.

Sometimes the bird can behave in an aggressive manner. If it feels threatened or anxious it will automatically get alert. Due to this, the bird is going to move around and fly around in the house. Furthermore, if the bird kept on flying like this, it will hurt its own self. It can get Tangled in a fan or in a door or in the cupboard somewhere.

As a pet owner, you can either take the liberty of clipping the cockatiel’s wings on your own or get the job done by a vet. If you decide to go for clipping your bird’s wings within your households it will be important for you to understand some basics of the procedure.

You are only required to clip the feathers in a way that does not hurt or damage the bird. For this purpose, you need to have the correct equipment knowledge bravery and that is why most people are not comfortable doing this in their homes.

2. Step Up and Step Down Training

Cockatiel Step Up and Down

To train your bird and make it disciplined so training is really important. You should get a cage that has bars, stairs, and swings. But these things can only be valuable if they are functioning properly.

For this training, you will have to let the bird sit on your fingers. As it is comfortable in sitting on your fingers, it will be easier to move on with the training. Now you will be required to place your finger dentally on the bird’s stomach. When you press lightly on the abdomen area, you are basically urging the bird to step up. The bird naturally moves towards a higher place.

A similar strategy can be used to make the bird step down words. Upon repetition of this process, the bird will gradually start learning how to step up and down. When your Cockatiel successfully steps up or down you shall reward with a treat. This will not only encourage the word but also reinforce the behavior in it.

Therefore, not only is the practice of the bird is important but also is the owner’s patience. Some birds take a longer time to adjust as compared to others. Even then one should not worry about their training. Either male or females, both kinds of Cockatiels are good learners. They are keen to study.

3. Perch Training

Cockatiel Perch

When you are training your Cockatiel, you have to make sure that the bird understands how to play with toys and perches. It is essential because playing with toys is going to keep your bird active and energetic.

Playing is basically a physical activity, which has beautiful and everlasting impacts on your body. When you want your bird to play, you can safely open the cage and put the toys inside. These toys must be placed in a corner. The Cockatiel will know what to do with the toy. It will start interacting with the toy. Eventually, the bird will know how to play. It will also get more engaged in the games that you lay down for it. Slowly, it will get used to the process. 

4. Communication

Cockatiel Talking

Cockatiels are friendly and Talkative. Cockatiels interact with other birds as well as with human beings. They have their own set of signals by which they show their emotions, signals, and needs.

If you are trying to train your Cockatiel you must start talking to it for at least an hour each day. But the more you talk the better it will learn. If you use small simple and easy words in the beginning it will help the word to memorize and learn them.

Easy and simple phrases if repeated to the word will become part of the Cockatiels own language. You can teach eight numerous words. The birds have smart bodies and intellectual brains. They mimic human words. This imitation makes them one of the most interesting choices.

5. Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Cockatiel Eating Seeds

All humans, as well as pets, have a similar reaction to rewards receiving an award. When a Cockatiel does something that is appreciated you can simply give it a time stop with some space it will become more interested in whatever activity was previously being performed.

Positive reinforcement means when your bird does something good or likable or generally obeys your command you are supposed to be sheriff to them. It’s good behavior. It will not only lift the spirits of your Cockatiel but also make it happy due to happiness.

Negative Reinforcement is when

If a Cockatiel would dislike something he will try to avoid it. Hence, if you are going to force it to step up by prying the toes of a Cockatiel or by pushing the hands to its chest, the bird may get irritated. Therefore, such negative reinforcements may lead to the increment of aggression and fear in the bird. However, it may also lead to denial on a rebellion basis.

6. Repetition Of Actions

Repeat the actions to make the Cockatiel used to of them. Once, repeated several times, a Cockatiel can learn to recognize the actions, words, and needs of the owner.

How to Train Cockatiels to Dance and Sing?

Cockatiels have rhythm and they love to dance, we can see them dancing to any music you play; hence, it is not difficult to train them to dance. They enjoy the company of music, and it makes them energetic to dance. However, once trained or once they have learned the patterns that you do when you want to make them dance it is easier to do so. So, if you want to make your Cockatiel dance, you can play music, gently move your hands towards the rhythm of the music to motivate it. Moreover, if your Cockatiel is trained enough, you can also whistle towards it in order to hint it to dance.

Things to Keep in Mind While Training Cockatiel

  • Get your bird’s wings clipped, making sure that it’s not hurt. However, to ensure that the Cockatiel may not fly away in the initial stages of training.
  • Try to handle your bird daily and more often to make it comfortable with you. As the Cockatiels willingness to get trained depends on the way you handle it. Hence, be gentle and make the experience pleasant.
  • Remove the Cockatiel from its cage more often to ensure a sense of freedom.
  • Get the Cockatiel used to your voice.
  • While training a Cockatiel, remove other birds from the area.
  • Give your Cockatiel time and space to adjust and do not rush with it.

Consistency and Tirelessness of the bird

The consistency of Cockatiel depends upon its mental and physical health. If a bird is showing inconsistent behavior or is showing any other signs like feather picking or self-mutilation, changes its vocalization, aggression, fear, repetitive behavior, boredom, loss of appetite; it means that the bird is either tired, ill, or stressed.


Cockatiels are very fun-loving and friendly birds. It is easy to train them but the thing to ponder is to be gentle and kind towards them. Once comfortable and trained, they can do a variety of eye-pleasing and unique actions that makes you applaud and admire them for sure.


How to train a Cockatiel to come to you?

Once your Cockatiel is comfortable with you it is not difficult to train it to come towards you. It will understand your code words and actions that you ought them to perform upon. You may wave towards it, or make a whistle, or use any code language.

How to train a Cockatiel not to bite?

Just give negating look or utter a word or two to say no. And make it used to of it.

Is it easy to train a Cockatiel?

If you’ll be natural with your bird. It is easy to train them with some patience and practice.

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