19 Most Interesting and Fun Facts about Blue Jays

Most Interesting and Fun Facts about Blue Jays

The Blue Jay is well-known across society as one of North America’s most attractive and clever birds. These birds have a range that stretches from Alberta in Canada to Florida in the United States, as well as the southeast and the central United States. Their migration patterns have also revealed that whereas their eastern populations … Read more

10 Different Types of Owls in New York

Owls in New York

In addition to becoming a resident in one of the major cities of the United States, New York is also a habitat to a wide range of birds that migrate from the Hudson River towards the Great Lakes, visiting each and every parkland and wood along the route! Based on the state of New York’s … Read more

11 Different Types of Hawks in Oklahoma

Hawks in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s ecology is diversified, including bottomland woods, prairies, tundra, grasslands, deserts, and mountains. The region is home to an extensive assortment of flora and fauna due to its mid-continent location and long east-west boundaries. As a result, it provides some of the greatest chances for bird viewing throughout the central United States. The state is … Read more

4 Different Types of Falcons in Florida

Falcons in Florida

This article will go through the several types of falcons found throughout Florida. Hopefully, you’ll acquire some knowledge about recognizing them and discover some interesting things! (Don’t panic, no crossbred birds will be present.) Falcons may be identified by their sharp wings, powerful chests, and twisted beak. The name “falcon” originated from the word “falcate” … Read more

9 Different Types of Owls in Ohio

Owls in Ohio

Owls, with their piercing gaze and graceful soaring, are wonderful creatures. If you like birding, you undoubtedly desire to see it as often as possible. You’re fortunate if you reside in or tour the Buckeye State. Throughout Ohio, there are nine distinct species. Whereas the eastern screech owl has been the most frequent and can … Read more

6 Different Types of Hummingbirds in Ohio

Hummingbirds in Ohio

In the United States and Canada, roughly 200,000 hummingbirds have been banded since 1954 by a limited number of approved persons. More hummingbirds should be banded, according to the Hummer/Bird Banding Collaborative. Collaborative members are interested in discovering what is triggering the transition to new habitat as various hummingbird species arrive throughout Ohio winters. And … Read more

4 Types of Eagles in North America

Types of Eagles in North America

The landscape of the United States ranges from searing, arid desert plains to icy snowcapped alpine summits. Equally different flora and animal communities result from diverse topographies and climatic circumstances. While each proud state has a beloved animal that it uses to symbolize itself, the magnificent bald eagle holds sway as a national emblem. 50 … Read more

8 Different Species of Hawks in New York

Hawks in New York

The Empire State is well-known for many things, but its birdlife is not one of them. The majority of the best places for birdwatching are in the northern wooded areas and around the Great Lakes, although even New York City has a noteworthy roost. The city’s parks and green spaces are home to a remarkable … Read more

6 Different Birds of Prey in Maryland

Birds of Prey in Maryland

Maryland is the most popular birding destination in the country since it is home to over 450 different kinds of birds. The mid-Atlantic state of Maryland serves as a haven for a wide variety of raptors. The parks are one of the reasons to find these birds of prey in Maryland. In deep forests, marshes, … Read more

7 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Oklahoma

Woodpeckers in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, going birding in the woods and forests is the greatest method to view woodpeckers. However, several species, including Downy, Northern Flickers, Red-bellied, and Hairy, can frequently be spotted on backyard feeders. Even though woodpeckers peck between 8,000 and 12,000 times every day, their precise design and constant development prevent their beaks from wearing … Read more