Are Parakeets Good Pets?

Yes, Parakeets can indeed make great pets for the right individuals.

These charming birds are relatively low-maintenance compared to larger parrot species, making them suitable for various living spaces.

Their sociable nature allows them to bond with their human caregivers, becoming quite tame with consistent interaction.

Parakeets’ intelligence is surprising given their size, as they can learn tricks and enjoy mental stimulation through toys and activities.

Their vibrant colors add to their visual appeal, and their cheerful chirping brings a pleasant ambiance to a home.

Additionally, their affordability both in terms of initial cost and ongoing care makes them accessible to a wide range of potential owners.

However, it’s important to be aware of their social needs, potential mess and noise, and the commitment required for their care.

With the right attention and care, parakeets can be delightful and entertaining companions.

Why Parakeets Make Good Pets?

1. They are Social Birds

Parakeets get familiar with their new owners and new environment with time.

Once they get comfortable, these birds make great companions.

They are social birds and they can talk all day and will enjoy spending their time with you.

These birds also make a good pet with other pets at your home.

They can play with them as well as stay connected with you all day.

2. You Can Train Your Parakeet

Training Parakeet to Step Up and Step Down

Parakeets have a smart brain and they are quick learners.

The owners can easily train parakeets to learn new words as well as get to understand their instructions.

These little birds have a great ability to understand and adapt to new tricks.

You can teach your parakeet to play with toys and train them with a step-up and step-down activity at your orders.

These talkative birds can also be trained to do a somersault and various physical activities that keep the owners entertained throughout the day.

You just have to provide a proper cage and environment for your pet bird so that it gets comfortable with what he is doing.

3. Easy to Fit in Your Home

Parakeets don’t require a big place or room to fit in.

These little birds only need some open space that lets them feel they aren’t captured or stuck somewhere within the walls.

A standard size room is enough for a parakeet to feel comfortable.

It’s easy to groom these birds and you can trim their feathers in case you don’t want them to fly off here and there in the house and get hit with something accidentally.

A normal size cage is enough for a parakeet to live where it has a basic bed and perch to sit with all sides opening.

4. Parakeets Can Talk

talking to parakeet

In case you didn’t know, parakeets can also learn new words from human beings and they can mimic what a human says.

These birds don’t know what they speak but they can continue to repeat those words that you use in front of them.

So you can spend your day talking to them for fun and entertainment without getting bored.

Usually, male parakeets talk a lot and they are very loud when sad or excited.

The female parakeets are calm and they don’t get along with the owner quickly as compared to a male parakeet.

You can enjoy the chatters of your little bird like it’s singing a song to keep you company while you do your work at home.

Check this article on How to Train Parakeets to Talk

5. They are Playful

Parakeets are very fun to be around as if you let the bird play with some toys.

Try to provide proper toys that can be of proper use for your little bird and you will enjoy his show for the rest of the day.

These birds can play all day by ringing bells or spinning balls and exploring any hollow objects placed in their cage or room.

6. Your Travelling Friend

Parakeet Travel Carrier

These small birds are easy to carry in a cage or even on your shoulder if they get along well with you.

You can travel to a location in the company of your little fellow.

You can get a small carrier or a bag to place your bird in and take him with you for a good outing.

This also develops the relationship to be better and the parakeet gets more comfortable with the owner.

7. Parakeets are Attractive and Cute

cute parakeets

You get a variety of colors in a parakeet and they stand out with their unique look from other birds due to their bright colors.

They are small birds which them cuter and the colors add extra to their personality.

These birds also love a colorful environment so you can try to keep everything more colorful around them which will make you easier and your bird as well.

8. You Need to Be Careful with Parakeet Health

One thing you have to worry about for keeping parakeets as a pet is that they are small birds that can get health issues quickly if not treated well.

These birds have little appetite and they can eat only limited food types.

Try to give only the food that is healthy for your parakeet such as any diet with less sugar value.

You have to buy grains and seeds for your parakeet to take care of his health and try to avoid your bird from too cold or too hot temperature, otherwise, his health may get affected.

Always keep the bowl of water clean in your bird’s cage and provide clean food by removing the previous junk left in the cage first.

These little birds make brilliant family pets because of their normally tender conduct and fun-loving surrounding.

Regardless of whether this is your first time raising a parakeet or not, you’ll see they make awesome allies.

Bringing another pet into your home, particularly a budgerigar, will make your life fun.

Leading this to the easy points, we can discuss some pros and cons of owning a parakeet as a pet so you can have a better idea for yourself.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Parakeet as a Pet

  • Parakeets are social birds.
  • They make good pets for small families.
  • Can fit in a small cage or room and require less health care.
  • Parakeets are also easier to transport.
  • Relatively quiet as compared to other pets.
  • They are friendly and easy to train.
  • Very affordable.
  • They chirp continuously.
  • They get sick quickly.
  • They are not as intelligent as other pet birds like parrots.

So in case if you are looking to own a parakeet as a pet, then this is a complete guide for you.

If you are willing to own a companion who will give you good company throughout the day, then you should get this social bird as your pet.

They tend to be happy and active around the environment in which they feel comfortable.


In conclusion, the question of whether parakeets are good pets finds its answer in the balance between their charming attributes and the responsibilities they entail.

These small, colorful birds can indeed make wonderful companions for individuals willing to invest time and care into their well-being.

Their sociability, low maintenance requirements, and capacity for forming bonds with humans are compelling reasons to consider them as pets.

The joy of watching their playful antics and listening to their cheerful chirping can brighten any household.

However, it’s crucial to approach pet ownership with a clear understanding of the commitment involved.

From providing suitable living environments to maintaining their health and mental stimulation, parakeets require dedicated attention.

Ultimately, with the right knowledge, patience, and care, parakeets can thrive as delightful additions to the lives of those who choose to welcome them into their homes.


Are parakeets good pets for beginners?

Yes, parakeets can be suitable for beginners. They are generally more manageable than larger parrot species and their friendly nature makes them relatively easy to tame and interact with.

Do parakeets require a lot of space?

No, parakeets don’t need as much space as larger birds. A properly sized cage with room for flying and perching, along with supervised time outside the cage, is sufficient.

Are parakeets social animals?

Yes, parakeets are social creatures that enjoy human interaction and can form strong bonds with their owners. It’s recommended to have at least two parakeets if you can’t provide constant companionship.

Are parakeets noisy?

While parakeets do make noise, their vocalizations are generally not as loud or complex as those of larger parrot species. Their cheerful chirping can actually add a pleasant ambiance to your home.

Can parakeets be trained to do tricks?

Yes, parakeets are intelligent and can be trained to do simple tricks and commands. Positive reinforcement techniques and patience are key to successful training.

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