Do Parakeets Like Music? And What kind of Music do Parakeets like?

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Parakeets are lovely and social birds that love to chatter a lot and talk to their companions throughout the day. It doesn’t matter whether the companion is another bird or the owner of that parakeet; these birds make good friends easily. When they are happy with someone, they sing a lot in a loud voice and in case you are wondering that Do parakeets like music? Then we have got the answer for you.

Parakeets love music, and they can get along really well with a fine-tune that is played for some time around them. These birds love the flute sound and any sound that is not very high in pitch to disturb the mood. To discuss more music and parakeets and what kind of music do parakeets like, we get into more details below.

Do Parakeets Like Music?

Do Parakeets Like Music?

Yes, Parakeet likes music. But it has to be low and soothing for them to enjoy. It’s a common behavior observation that no living being likes loud music or noise. Everything has a limit for hearing. When music becomes loud or nosier, it is hated by parakeets, and they get scared and start to chatter a lot out of fear.

As to parakeets, you can say that the regular instincts are the same as a wild parakeet. They don’t do well in little cages, as they require a great deal of room to relax their wings, move around and work out. Also, they don’t care to live in conditions that are excessively tranquil.

Parakeet’s don’t like a quiet environment, and they feel irritated with such a surrounding. They are social birds, and they chatter a lot, and they want someone to be around or a sound to be heard in order to stay calm. Music is good for parakeets, but loud music like noise-making sounds is not good enough that can scare the parakeets easily.

How To Tell If Parakeet Likes Music?

Parakeets respond to everything, and they can also respond quickly to the music that you play around them. If that music is loved by your parakeet, he will start to make loud sounds happily, and you will be able to see that your pet is enjoying the music and getting along with the melody.

If your bird starts shouting and making noisy sounds and starts flapping its wings, it means that he doesn’t like the music, and you should definitely change it. Consider using soft and low tune music or audio that won’t offend or scare your parakeets. They will begin chirping, and in case if they like it, they will also mimic the words and try to sing along too.

What Kind of Music Do Parakeets Like?

Following are some types of music and tunes that are very much likable by the parakeets, and they would be more active in case they are surrounded by such sounds.

1. Nature Sounds

As all the living beings love the sound of nature that may include flowing of water, windy day and other such sounds that are natural to occur in daily life are very much likable by parakeets. As these are birds, it isn’t necessary for them the word “music” would only mean an instrumental tune for them. Any type of sound that is pleasant is likable by these birds.

2. Serene Music

Serene music always calms the soul, and parakeets, love soft, serene music. Soft music or classical tune can put your parakeet in a good mood, and his mind can relax at ease as long as he keeps listening to it.

Parakeets, in the same way as other pet birds, regularly respond affectionately to music that is tranquil, serene, and calm. Loud music is not suggested for them. A few parakeets even revere Celtic music. If you are playing metal music or any fast or loud sound, your parakeet may not like it.

Not exclusively can the correct music be useful for developing good emotions, it additionally can be helpful for concealing sounds that may unnerve your parakeet’s mind out of relaxation and give him an open-air development.

3. Pop Music

Usually, many pet birds like parrots love listening to pop music, and in the case of parakeets, you can also consider playing pop music for a parakeet to see if that is its choice. In case your bird doesn’t respond well to it, try changing the music or stop playing it.

Keep in mind, numerous birds respond well to specific sorts of music; all birds are people with their own preferences and inclinations, actually like individuals. Attempt multiple radio broadcasts to see what your pet reacts to. You may find that he has the same choice as yours.

3. Your Personal Choice

You can wait for your parakeet to get happy or sometimes when he is cheerful and then consider the music of your choice that your parakeet would enjoy even more. Repeat this process on several occasions to develop a positive relation and feeling of your parakeet with the music that you choose for him. It might also become peaceful for him.


This was a discussion about parakeets and music and what kind of music do parakeets like. We shared complete info about the music that parakeets like and dislike, and furthermore, we shared some tips on how you can make your bird feel comfortable and at ease. For more info, leave a reply in the box below.


Do parakeets like to be sung to?

Parakeets like music and melodic sounds around them to hear. If an owner sings a song as a lullaby or music just to keep it entertained, a parakeet would be happy. They like music, and they are more interested in listening to new tunes every day.

How do you know if your parakeet likes music?

If the music makes your pet active and more jolly when the tune plays, then the music is likable by your parakeet. Observe his behavior as if he gets loud and chirpier when the music is played, then it means he loves music.

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