Do Parakeets Like Music? What Kind of Music Do Parakeets Like?

Ever wondered if your feathered friend enjoys music as much as you do?

In this exploration, we delve into the intriguing world of parakeets and their relationship with music.

Join me as we uncover whether parakeets really like music and what types of melodies pique their avian interests.

Do Parakeets Like Music?

Parakeets, also known as budgerigars, have individual preferences when it comes to music.

Some parakeets show an interest in music and may react by chirping, singing, or even bobbing their heads in response to certain sounds.

These birds have highly sensitive hearing and can perceive a wide range of frequencies, which might explain why they are drawn to certain types of music.

Soft and melodic tunes played at a low volume, could have a calming and stimulating effect on them.

However, it’s important to note that not all parakeets react the same way to music.

Some may not show much interest, while others might find certain sounds unsettling.

As with any pet, it’s crucial to observe your parakeet’s behavior and adjust your interactions based on its individual preferences and comfort level.

How to Tell If Parakeet Likes Music?

Parakeets respond to everything, and they can also respond quickly to the music that you play around them.

If that music is loved by your parakeet, he will start to make loud sounds happily, and you will be able to see that your pet is enjoying the music and getting along with the melody.

If your bird starts shouting and making noisy sounds and starts flapping its wings, it means that he doesn’t like the music, and you should definitely change it.

Consider using soft and low-tune music or audio that won’t offend or scare your parakeets.

They will begin chirping, and in case they like it, they will also mimic the words and try to sing along too.

What Kind of Music Do Parakeets Like?

Following are some types of music and tunes that are very much likable by the parakeets, and they would be more active in case they are surrounded by such sounds.

1. Nature Sounds

As all living beings love the sound of nature which may include the flowing of water, windy days, and other such sounds that are natural to occur in daily life are very much likable by parakeets.

As these are birds, it isn’t necessary for them the word “music” would only mean an instrumental tune for them.

Any type of sound that is pleasant is likable by these birds.

2. Serene Music

Serene music always calms the soul, and parakeets, love soft, serene music.

Soft music or a classical tune can put your parakeet in a good mood, and his mind can relax at ease as long as he keeps listening to it.

Parakeets, in the same way as other pet birds, regularly respond affectionately to music that is tranquil, serene, and calm. Loud music is not suggested for them.

A few parakeets even revere Celtic music.

If you are playing metal music or any fast or loud sound, your parakeet may not like it.

Not exclusively can the correct music be useful for developing good emotions, but it additionally can be helpful for concealing sounds that may unnerve your parakeet’s mind out of relaxation and give him an open-air development.

3. Pop Music

Usually, many pet birds like parrots love listening to pop music, and in the case of parakeets, you can also consider playing pop music for a parakeet to see if that is its choice.

In case your bird doesn’t respond well to it, try changing the music or stop playing it.

Keep in mind, numerous birds respond well to specific sorts of music; all birds are people with their own preferences and inclinations, actually like individuals.

Attempt multiple radio broadcasts to see what your pet reacts to.

You may find that he has the same choice as yours.

4. Your Personal Choice

You can wait for your parakeet to get happy or sometimes when he is cheerful and then consider the music of your choice that your parakeet would enjoy even more.

Repeat this process on several occasions to develop a positive relationship and feeling for your parakeet with the music that you choose for him.

It might also become peaceful for him.


In conclusion, the question of whether parakeets enjoy music is one that highlights the diversity of avian behavior and preferences.

While some parakeets exhibit a clear affinity for music, responding with chirps and rhythmic movements, others might remain indifferent or even stressed in its presence.

The sensitive hearing of these birds allows them to perceive a broad spectrum of sounds, which could explain their varied reactions to different types of music.

As responsible pet owners, it’s essential to respect the individuality of each parakeet and take cues from their behavior.

Creating a calming and soothing environment through gentle music, played at a low volume, could potentially offer enrichment and stimulation for those parakeets who do show an interest.

Ultimately, understanding and embracing the unique inclinations of these charismatic birds will lead to a harmonious and enriching companionship between the parakeet and the owner.


Do parakeets really like music?

Yes, some parakeets do seem to enjoy music. Their reactions can vary, with some birds responding positively by chirping, singing, or moving rhythmically when exposed to certain sounds.

Why do some parakeets enjoy music while others don't seem to care?

Parakeets, like humans, have individual preferences. Factors such as their personality, past experiences, and sensitivity to sound play a role in determining their response to music.

What types of music do parakeets prefer?

Parakeets might be more attracted to melodic, rhythmic, and calming music. Softer tunes, played at a low volume, could be more appealing to them. Experiment with different genres to see what your parakeet responds to.

How can I tell if my parakeet likes the music I'm playing?

Watch for signs of engagement, such as increased chirping, bobbing their head, or even mimicking some musical elements. If your parakeet seems calm and content while the music is playing, it might be enjoying the experience.

Can music stress out parakeets?

Yes, loud, fast-paced, or unfamiliar music can stress out parakeets. If your parakeet appears agitated, puffed up, or tries to hide, it’s a sign that the music might be causing discomfort.

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