How Long Do Parakeets Sleep?

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Parakeets are beautiful birds; they are sweet-natured pets and very social as well. They get very affectionate with their owners or companions. In case you are looking forward to getting these cute little fellows for your home, you must be thinking about lots of questions like what do they eat, when do they sleep, how long do they sleep, etc.

As a parakeet owner, you must know everything about the pet that you are keeping, and you should develop a good bond with it. In case you are wondering how long do parakeets sleep in a normal routine as well as when tired, then this discussion will lead you to your answers. Let’s start.

Parakeet Sleeping

How Long Do Parakeets Sleep?

Parakeets generally sleep for about 10 to 12 hours a day. Like other birds, they also need to rest for 12 hours to gain their energy to spend the next 12 hours actively. They can sleep in multiple places, but mostly, they prefer to sleep on perches.

How Do Parakeets Sleep?

There are various positions of a parakeet in which it likes to sleep. Commonly, you can notice these signs when your parakeet is sleeping.

1. Head Tucked

Parakeet Tucking Head into the Feathers

If you find your pet partner keeping his head tucked in the cage, it means that he’s tired due to the activity that he did all day. He would be in need of great rest, which is why he is keeping his head tucked in the feathers.

2. Closed Eyes

Parakeet Eyes Closed

As any living being would do, when parakeets feel sleepy or tired, they close their eyes too. If you see your parakeet sitting with eyes closed, it definitely means he is resting, or he needs to rest. Provide him with a proper place so that he can rest a little bit to gain his active health back.

3. One Leg Up

parakeet on one leg

Mostly, the parakeets sleep on one leg. If you find your parakeet with one leg missing, don’t be afraid as they like to sleep on one of their legs while the other one is hidden under their belly in the fur.

Where Do Parakeets Sleep?

Parakeets mostly sleep on their perches or roosts that are put in their cage. A wild parakeet would sleep on branches or in cavities as well as they would sit on perches and sleep there. In case you are wondering where do parakeets sleep as pets, then you must have a nest or hanging hammocks for them or even perches on which they can rest.

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You can find lots of equipment such as beds and other things to comfort your parakeet with by providing it with the suitable and necessary equipment in the cage. Consider buying more wooden products such as perches and other stuff that would make your parakeet feel more comfortable. In this way, it will feel more instinctive under its feet.

How Much Sleep is Good for Parakeets?

Parakeets need around 8-12 hours of rest each day. A wild parakeet will rest from night till dawn which is almost the same schedule followed by a pet parakeet, but a pet may have fewer sleeping hours. The best you can do for your parakeet is to keep it entertained and in the company as long as you are at home. In case you are going to work, give him toys or something to spend his time with.

A tired parakeet won’t be much talkative, and he would be frustrated most of the time, which is why you can set a sleeping pattern for your pet parakeet to remain active for quite a while late. Then you can let him rest during the daytime when you are at your work or out somewhere.

Keep in mind that less than 8 hours of sleep and more than 12 hours of sleep are not good for parakeet, so notice your pet’s behavior.

Why do Parakeets Sleep During the Day?

If your parakeets are sleeping during the daytime, then there can be several reasons such as they are bored, or they didn’t have a good sleep, or even they can be tired. Each reason is explained clearly in more detail below.

1. Parakeet is Bored

In case your parakeet has nothing to do other than spending his day in the cage playing with the toys, or if there are no toys, he would just sing and chatter all day with himself and get bored, which is why he may be feeling drowsy, and he sleeps during the day.

It would happen because parakeets are perched on the cage to spend their entire day where they have nothing else to do, which is why they are most likely to get bored quickly. Due to all this, your parakeet may spend most of the time sleeping during the day.

2. Parakeet is Tired

Tiredness leads to drowsiness and causes a parakeet to sleep. If your parakeet gets exhausted after the activity during the day or night and starts to feel lethargic, he must be tired and would sleep during the day too. He may be flying too much or chattering a lot, or maybe playing with the toys, which is why he gets tired and sleeps during the day too.

3. Night Environment

Parakeets can’t sleep at night if the night environment is noisy or their nighttime is disturbed. You can’t just cover the birdcage with blinders so that birds may sleep; they can also get disturbed by your chatters or voices from any other room, which is why they would sleep during the daytime to complete their sleep time.


This was a discussion about how long do parakeets sleep and where do they actually like to sleep. For more info, leave us a comment in the box given below.


Do parakeets need a bed to sleep in?

Wild Parakeets sleep on roosts and nests. A pet parakeet may need a bed or a hut to sleep in. A bed is a more comfortable and safe option for a parakeet to live in. There are several beds available for the parakeets that you can get from the market to make your pet comfortable to sleep in.

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