What Do Parakeets Like?

Hey there! If you’re curious about what makes parakeets tick and how to keep them happy, you’ve come to the right place.

As a parakeet owner myself, I’ve spent time observing these colorful little birds and learning about their likes and dislikes.

In this article, I’ll share insights into what parakeets really enjoy, from their favorite foods to their preferred activities.

Let’s dive in and discover what brings joy to our feathered friends!

What Do Parakeets Like?

Parakeets are playful birds, and they like to chatter a lot.

This is the most widely observed behavior by human beings of a parakeet as an owner.

They are social small birds, and when they are happy to see other parakeets or human beings around them, they start to chatter a lot and sing in loud voices.

Social Time

parakeets in dark

Parakeets have nature almost the same as human beings.

These are social birds, and if they get separated from their flock or don’t get attention from their owner at all, they may start to feel lonely and sad.

It can lead to bad health conditions and depression for a parakeet.

These little birds love spending time around their owner or their partner, parakeet.

They build up a good bond with others, and they like to spend most of the time chattering and playing with them.

What Toys Do Parakeets Like to Play With?

Toys are a favorite of parakeets as they spend most of their time playing with them.

These pets are small, but they are full of energy, and they love to spend their day playing with the toys that the owner has provided for them.

A parakeet may get bored and silent when there is nothing around him to play with.

This can lead to frustration and the bad mood of a parakeet.

Do remember that parakeets may get tired and bored of the same old toys, so you have to keep replacing or updating these toys so that your pet can have a good time in its cage as it likes to play most of the time.

1. Swings

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Swings can add great fun for parakeets, and parakeets actually like to take a sit on these swings to have some fun.

Adding a swing in your parakeet’s enclosure is a decent method to give your parakeet some activity to deal with.

Since swings can uninhibitedly move around a parakeet can have some good times hanging to and fro and perform any playful acts.

2. Mirrors

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Placing a mirror near your parakeet’s cage or in it can give your parakeet a fun time.

Your pet may start to sing a lot and talk to its reflection throughout the day just for fun.

This can help him reduce the feeling of loneliness and tiredness as parakeets love to stay social and communicate with other birds a lot.

3. Stepping Stools

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Parakeets like to climb ladders and stepping tools.

As a parakeet owner, you may have noticed your parakeet playing with the bars of the cage and stepping up and down with its pen around it.

Stepping stools can be helpful in giving quality time to your parakeet, and he would love to play on it.

What Do Parakeets Like To Eat?

Parakeets do have a little appetite, but they love to eat fresh fruits and snacks.

Fresh Fruits

Parakeet Fruits

As a pet owner, you can feed a parakeet with fresh fruits like apples, bananas, orange, mango, watermelon, etc.

Fresh fruits keep their mood and mind healthy during daytime activity.

And it helps them to relax and maintain their metabolism throughout the night as well.

Other than fruits, these parakeets love to eat seeds and pellets.

They also love to eat the leaves and grass of a specific food item or place.

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Other Things That A Parakeet Likes and Dislikes

All parakeets love a comfortable and calm place.

They get irritated and frustrated by the noise.

They don’t like darkness which is why your parakeet may become irritating or noisy during the nighttime.

Such behaviors are often observed in parakeets.

  • Parakeets love to have some space around their area so that they can comfortably sit and walk according to their choice.
  • Parakeets like to stay in their own habitat, as they travel in flocks once in a while to any new location for survival.
  • Parakeet birds don’t like cold weather, and they prefer a calm and sound place where they can feed and survive easily.
  • Parakeets that live together will bond and mate for life.
  • Parakeets love to climb and hold onto objects. Parakeets do not use their feet to eat food, instead, they just use their beaks.
  • Parakeets love interacting with their parents, playing games, and having chatters.
  • Parakeets love to play in the water and enjoy water activities.
  • Parakeets don’t like loud noises.
  • Parakeets don’t like darkness.
  • Parakeets can’t live in loneliness; they always need someone to be around to talk to.


In conclusion, understanding what parakeets are like is key to fostering a thriving and joyful companionship with these charming birds.

From their love for social interaction and mental stimulation to their preference for a diverse and nutritious diet, we’ve uncovered the elements that contribute to their happiness.

Remember, each parakeet has its unique personality, so paying attention to their cues and adapting your approach can go a long way in building a strong bond.

By providing a mix of companionship, engaging toys, and a well-balanced diet, we can ensure that our feathered friends live their lives to the fullest and share their vibrant energy with us every day.


What types of foods do parakeets enjoy?

Parakeets enjoy a varied diet consisting of high-quality seeds, fresh vegetables, and occasional fruits. Leafy greens like spinach and kale are often favorites, along with treats like millet sprays.

Do parakeets like toys and enrichment activities?

Yes, parakeets thrive on mental and physical stimulation. They love toys that encourage exploration, problem-solving and play. Swings, mirrors, and puzzle toys are commonly enjoyed by these intelligent birds.

Are parakeets social animals?

Yes, parakeets are highly social birds and enjoy companionship. They thrive when they have interaction with other parakeets or human caregivers. Consider keeping them in pairs or spending quality time interacting with them daily.

What kind of social interactions do parakeets prefer?

Parakeets enjoy gentle handling, talking to them, and offering treats from your hand. They like to perch on your shoulder, watch what you’re doing, and even mimic sounds and words.

Do parakeets enjoy bathing?

Yes, many parakeets enjoy bathing. You can offer them a shallow dish of water or mist them with a fine spray. Bathing helps keep their feathers clean and can be an enjoyable experience for them.

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