Do Parakeets Mate for Life?

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Parakeets are living organisms, and these birds also have to mate in their life. Every living thing reproduces by mating, but the question is, do parakeets mate for life? A direct answer to this question is no, parakeets do not mate for life.

These little birds work on their offspring to bring up their life and raise it until its able to fly. They do not mate for life like humans or other living things. In case a mate of a parakeet passes away or dies naturally, it will tend to look for another mate in order to raise more baby parakeets from them.

We understand everything related to parakeets and their mating process in this detailed article below.

Parakeet Mating

Do Parakeets Mate For Life?

No, Parakeets do not mate for life. Unlike humans, parakeets or any birds in this matter do not mate for life. Just like every other bird, parakeets mate and raise the baby parakeets till they can fly and move on.

Parakeets Bonding

Parakeet Feeding Spinach

Parakeet bonding is essential before parakeets can mate. Typically wild parakeets or those parakeets who are new to one another don’t mate in any event when they are kept in the same cage or area. Parakeets need time to develop a bond and understand, and they will track down another all alone to bond with.

In any case, if you are the owner of these birds and you want them to bond well and mate well, then at that point, you need to choose a female and male that would be close to one another and understand the emotions of each other without interference of any third pet.

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At the point when you will pick the parakeets without help from anyone else, you can place them in an equivalent cage so they can get together to bond with. When they draw near to one another and foster a bond, you will see a change in their behavior towards each other, and in this way, they will start to sit near one other.

They will tell you their fondness towards one another, and you will see that the male begins to take care of the female parakeet.

Parakeets Behaviour After Mating

It’s not exactly as direct as it first sounds. The more chicks a parakeet couple has, the better they become when these chicks start to grow up with their life. The first time these parakeets can be unpracticed and can even annihilate the unhatched eggs to keep them from getting any infections.

The mother will drop or damage the posterity in case that she is feeling focused or figures out that something is wrong. This is the reason having a huge cage (Check in Amazon) is so significant. The birds will figure out how to parent together and guarantee the safety and arrangement of chicks. The mother will watch out for the eggs while the male parakeet heads out to get food.

How To Know If Parakeets Want To Mate?

Before anything occurs, the male and female parakeets should be clung to each other, and they should have a bond of interest and emotion between each other. You may see they are pursuing each other around the cage, roosting close to one another, and the male will spew on the female.

parakeet couple

In case they are showing some aggression or being noisy, it means they are not bonding well with each other. When these things have happened, the parakeets are completely reinforced, and the female will settle, lean forward and lift her tail. Mating will, at that point, start.

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How Will A Parakeet Understand Its Mate?

Male and female parakeets have unique, particular voice sounds or calls. At the point when a male and female begin pursuing, the male will begin to reply to the female parakeet call to catch her interest as females are more inspired by the sounds like her own. The female, nonetheless, doesn’t respond or reply to the male’s call. At the point when both parakeets get together and, in the end, have chicks, their calls behavior changes.

It has been observed that parakeets can perceive and understand each other’s calls following 70 days of not seeing or hearing each other. This call is basically to stay in touch and in emotion so that the bond stays up and strong between them.

What If Mating Partner Of A Parakeet Dies?

In case if the mating partner of a parakeet is dead, they also feel the loss of their loved one, and they may mourn. You will notice that the parakeet gets sad and lonely after the partner is gone. Parakeets have the same emotions as human beings, so it’s important that as a pet owner, you should be taking care of your bird when it feels lonely.

When a parakeet feels lonely, you may observe any of the following.

  • Calling out loud for the partner
  • Walking around the cage to search its partner
  • Unable to eat anything

But these things can be cured to lift the mood and mourning period of the parakeet.

Here is what you can do,

  • Provide some calm and soothing sound to your parakeet
  • Comfort him by talking to him or don’t let him feel lonely
  • Give him more playtime and care

Breeding Age For Mating

Parakeets don’t mate forever, however, they do have an age wherein they need to mate with their partners. Mating requires developed age after 1 year, where parakeets are ready to breed and lay eggs. At the point when parakeets get together in a strong bond, they are prepared to raise the baby parakeets. Females and males have different symptoms from which you can observe that a parakeet is ready to mate.

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The brown-colored-looking cere is the sign that she is a totally mature female parakeet that can be bred with a male parakeet. Your parakeets will be ready to breed for reproduction once you are providing them proper diet and environment after 1 year of their age.

Mating of Parakeets To Fertilization and Egg Production

It is important that before a female parakeet gets fertilized, it should bond well before it starts to mate with its partner. Females are aggressive, and when they get comfortable, then they can start to mate with their male parakeet partner. The mating process is started afterward. Once they have started mating, you can expect the eggs within few days.

When a male gets in mating form, he will start to rub himself on the female parakeet before breeding. The male may start to mate with the female more than once a day, and the female will begin to lay the eggs before long. This interaction proceeds as long as they are reinforced with one another.


This was a discussion about parakeets and their mating life. We discussed how long can parakeets mate and what is their actual age when they start mating. For more info, you can ask us by leaving a reply below in the box.


What happens when a parakeet loses its mate?

A parakeet may lose its partner due to natural death or any other reason. This can cause trauma for the surviving parakeet to feel lonely and depressed, and he may start to mourn over the loss.

How do I know if my parakeets are mating?

If your parakeets are happy and rubbing themselves with each other and they have also reached peak fitness when the male parakeet’s cere is a vivid blue, and the female’s cere turn into a brown color, they are ready to mate. If they are getting near to each other on the porch and feed together, they are mating.

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