8 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Maryland

Woodpeckers in Maryland

Maryland is a tiny state in size, yet it provides lots of spots for birding. Maryland is home to seven distinct species of woodpeckers, 6 of which are year-round residents. There are several possibilities to witness these unusual birds. Maryland’s diversified terrain, with its long coastline and Appalachian peaks, attracts both woodpeckers and human observers. … Read more

13 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Texas

Woodpeckers in Texas

If you enjoy bird watching and are fascinated by woodpeckers, then you are lucky. A variety of woodpecker types call Texas home; some may be year-round inhabitants, while some are only visible during certain seasons. Today, we’ll go through all 14 woodpecker species that can be found in Texas. We would also go through various … Read more

10 Types of Woodpeckers in California (Northern & Southern)

Woodpeckers in California

Woodpeckers are among the most intriguing birds you may encounter in your garden, and did you even know California has 15 woodpecker species? There’s a strong probability that if you do have over than a single woodpecker visiting you, you’re probably hosting many various types! Although the list below includes all of the common woodpeckers recently … Read more

10 Species of Woodpeckers in North Carolina (NC)

Woodpeckers in North Carolina

Woodpeckers captivate most birders due to their surprising nature. All about these birds seems to be fascinating, from their yearly migration to their movement from one environment to another, but many people know nothing about them. Perhaps you’re wondering whether there are woodpeckers in North Carolina, munching on suet or pounding on trees in the … Read more

Michigan Woodpeckers: Types of Woodpeckers in Michigan

Types of Woodpeckers in Michigan

There are 300 different woodpeckers species, and out of the roughly 22 are known to be occurring in the United States. There are eleven species of woodpeckers that have been sighted in Michigan, even though only nine are common inhabitants. Forest marshes, pine woods, suburban areas, apple orchards, and other places are common habitats for … Read more

10 Types of Woodpeckers in Ohio

woodpeckers in ohio

As a nature enthusiast in Ohio, I have always been captivated by the vibrant wildlife that graces our state. Among the many fascinating creatures, woodpeckers stand out as remarkable and captivating birds. In this article, I am thrilled to introduce you to the ten types of woodpeckers found right here in Ohio. Join me on … Read more

10 Types of Woodpeckers in Florida

Types of Woodpeckers in Florida

Hello there! If you’re a nature enthusiast or bird lover residing in the beautiful state of Florida, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of woodpeckers and delve into the diverse avian population that thrives in Florida’s woodlands. Join me as we discover the top 10 types of woodpeckers … Read more