7 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Oklahoma

Woodpeckers in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, going birding in the woods and forests is the greatest method to view woodpeckers. However, several species, including Downy, Northern Flickers, Red-bellied, and Hairy, can frequently be spotted on backyard feeders. Even though woodpeckers peck between 8,000 and 12,000 times every day, their precise design and constant development prevent their beaks from wearing … Read more

12 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Arizona

Woodpeckers in Arizona

You might have seen woodpeckers in your surroundings, or if not, then maybe on the internet. These birds make holes in the trees and love to drill in the woods. In relation to their size, woodpeckers have the longest tongues of any bird. They scrape out holes they have made on trees with their tongues, … Read more

7 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Illinois

Woodpeckers in Illinois

Woodpeckers are common to be found in America. The amazing talents of woodpeckers make them special creatures. These vibrant birds inhabit the woods and use their beaks to prick trees. Because they have a sweet tooth for hummingbird nectar, woodpeckers occasionally go on adventures right at your backyard bird feeder. The Pileated Woodpecker is the … Read more

10 Different Species of Woodpeckers in New York (NY)

Woodpeckers in New York

Whenever people think of New York, they normally think of skyscrapers, busy streets, and flashing advertisements in the midst of the Big Apple. However, did you know the state is a habitat for about 400 different species of bird? Woodpeckers are one of the numerous intriguing bird species that could be noticed and observed in the … Read more

8 Different Species of Woodpeckers in South Carolina (SC)

Woodpeckers in South Carolina

There are about 300 varieties of woodpeckers across the globe, with around 22 of them located in The USA. There are eight varieties of woodpeckers throughout South Carolina out of the 22 kinds. Many of these eight species are year-round inhabitants of South Carolina, whereas others visit on occasion. A great number of woodpeckers may … Read more

8 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Tennessee (TN)

Woodpeckers in Tennessee

Tennessee has been geographically distinctive in that it is situated in the heart of the eastern part of the United States. Its length greatly outweighs its breadth, resulting in a wide range of heights, climate patterns, and land morphology. In the western part of Tennessee, numerous streams, reservoirs, and flood areas exist, with a mountain range … Read more

8 Different Species of North American Woodpeckers

Types of Woodpeckers of North America

There are several woodpecker species present across North America. Whereas the species of the woodpecker genus share certain traits, each individual is distinct! They differ in size from little to enormous and from simple to multicolored. Some people dwell in forests, whereas others dwell in deserts.  Woodpeckers are recognized for their formidable beaks, bright colors, … Read more

8 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Georgia (GA)

Woodpeckers in Georgia

Georgia’s woodpeckers are among the most intriguing birds throughout the south. You could see and hear them drumming on the trees if you go birdwatching in the forests and woodland. Many Georgians might still wake up on a regular basis to the sound of peckers busily pecking away at trees in their own backyard, hunting for … Read more

8 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Virginia (VA)

Woodpeckers in Virginia

Woodpeckers are most renowned for their skill of using their beaks to make a hole in the tree branches and trunks. They take satisfaction in foraging beneath the bark of trees. These birds come in a variety of hues, one of the most common of which are white and black, having prominent red bursts. For … Read more

8 Different Species of Woodpeckers in Pennsylvania (PA)

Woodpeckers in Pennsylvania

People all across the world, including in the United States, love watching woodpeckers. They are a highly varied species, and they provide your landscape with a lot of color and character. There are more than 200 species of woodpeckers worldwide, but only 22 species may be found in the United States. For woodpeckers and other … Read more