Can Parakeets Eat Cockatiel’s Food?

Can Parakeets Eat Cockatiel's Food

Parakeets and Cockatiels are both members of the parrot family. They belong to the same species of birds. but they have quite a lot of differences. The diet of Parakeets and Cockatiels has been compared in detail down below. If you are a pet owner who has both Parakeets and Cockatiels you must give this … Read more

How to Tell If a Parakeet or Budgie is Pregnant?

How to Tell if a parakeet is pregnant

Parakeets are small size birds that live in flocks, and they also possess the same natural behaviors as any other birds breed. Parakeets also mate for reproduction, and these small birds are emotional and intelligent as well to understand and communicate with fellow birds and their owner too. In case you are searching for info … Read more

Are Parakeets Smart? and How Smart are Parakeets?

Are Parakeets Smart

A pet owner or not, you must have wondered about the smartness of a parakeet at some point. Given its small size, one naturally underestimates its genius. However, the bird is a bright and clever creature. Parakeets are small birds, but their size does not limit their cognitive strengths. They are intelligent birds and can … Read more

Why is My Parakeet Shaking Or Shivering?

Why is my parakeet shaking or shivering

Parakeets shake or shiver due to several reasons. These small birds are immune to almost everything with their little health. You never know what might be the main cause of them to be shivering. Sometimes, shaking can be a display of active and normal behavior to show strength and health, or sometimes it can be … Read more

How to Get Your Parakeet to Trust You?

How to Get Your Parakeet To trust You

Parakeets which are also known as ‘budgies’ are very social animals as they love the company of fellow birds and their social behavior is well demonstrated when they fly among the flocks, they can be taught to do various things like sit on shoulders, play with toys and astonishingly they can also mimic human speech. … Read more

How to Catch a Parakeet Outside?

How to Catch a Parakeet outside?

Catching an escaped parakeet is a challenging task especially when it has escaped outside the house in open. Once the parakeet has escaped outside the chance of capturing it becomes bleak with passing hours so it is better to start looking for it as soon as u realize that the bird has escaped. You can … Read more

Do Parakeets Mate for Life?

Do Parakeets Mate for life

Parakeets are living organisms, and these birds also have to mate in their life. Every living thing reproduces by mating, but the question is, do parakeets mate for life? A direct answer to this question is no, parakeets do not mate for life. These little birds work on their offspring to bring up their life … Read more

What Do Parakeets Like?

What Do Parakeets like or Love

Parakeets are chatter birds that are often kept as pets at home. There are various types for a parakeet or a budgie, and they generally have the same likeness and dislikeness for most of the things. It is necessary to know what do parakeets like as; if you are going to own a pet parakeet … Read more

Can Parakeets See In The Dark?

Can parakeets see in the dark

When the night falls, it’s hard to look for anything in the dark. This is not only the case for humans but for animals and birds as well. It is not possible to see in the dark without a light, but there are some birds like parakeets that can see in the dark. This is … Read more

Can Parakeets Live or Survive Outside in the Wild?

Can Parakeets Live In the Wild

Parakeets are birds that live their life out in the wild, making their survive. Human beings like to keep parakeets as pets at home. There is a difference between a wild parakeet and a pet parakeet as they both have a different living style. For a parakeet as a pet, it’s easier to get shelter … Read more