17 Types of Hummingbirds in Texas (with Pictures)

hummingbirds in texas

Fluttering jewels of the sky, hummingbirds captivate us with their iridescent feathers and acrobatic flights. And in the state of Texas, these tiny marvels come in a stunning array of 17 different species. From the fiery-throated Costa’s to the elusive Black-chinned, each type of hummingbird offers its own unique charm. So come along as we … Read more

9 Types of Hummingbirds in British Columbia (BC)

Types of Hummingbirds in British Columbia

British Columbia is a haven for birdwatchers, with a diverse array of species that can be found throughout the province. One of the most beloved groups of birds in BC are the hummingbirds, with their tiny size, iridescent feathers, and distinctive high-pitched hum. In this article, I will introduce you to 9 Types of Hummingbird … Read more

4 Types of Hummingbirds in Maine

Types of Hummingbirds in Maine

Maine is home to a variety of different species of birds, including several types of hummingbirds. These tiny, colorful birds are a favorite among birdwatchers and can often be seen flitting around gardens and backyard feeders. In this article, I will introduce you to four of the most common types of hummingbirds found in Maine: … Read more

11 Types of Hummingbirds in Colorado

Types of Hummingbirds in Colorado

Hello hummingbird enthusiasts! If you’re a nature lover in Colorado, then you’re in for a treat. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the fascinating world of hummingbirds in the Centennial State. With their vibrant colors, dazzling flights, and tiny size, hummingbirds are a sight to behold. From the Ruby-throated Hummingbird to the Rufous … Read more

13 Types of Hummingbirds in California

Types of Hummingbirds in California

There are 27 different species of hummingbirds that have been documented across America. Some of these may be seen annually, while others are more of a rarity or a fluke. Seven hummingbird species are often seen, and six are considered uncommon across California. California is home to 14 different hummingbird species, making it a prime … Read more

What Do Hummingbirds Eat? (6 Best Food for Hummingbird)

What Do Hummingbirds Eat

To put it simply, hummingbirds consume a lot. They need to consume half their body weight each day to keep up with their high metabolic rate. Hummingbirds get the grit they need to digest nectar, insects, tree sap, pollen, fruit, etc. As is often known, hummingbirds feed on nectar. It provides them with the energy … Read more

How to Keep Ants Out Of Hummingbird Feeders? (14 Easy Ways)

How to Keep Ants Out Of Hummingbird Feeders

It’s not surprising that many bird watchers try to lure hummingbirds to their homes by placing hummingbird feeders because they are a joy to observe. Unfortunately, a variety of common pests, such as ants, may also be attracted to the contents of the feeder. Hummingbirds do consume insects such as beetles, mosquitoes, and flies, but … Read more

Hummingbird Identification with Chart – An Ultimate Guide

Hummingbird Species Identification with Chart

Hummingbirds can only be observed in the Western Hemisphere, with nearly half of all species dwelling in the “equatorial belt” around 10 ° south and north of the equator. The hummingbird family is relatively extensive, including over 115 genera and 330 species, among which the majority are found in the southern United States.  Hummingbirds are … Read more

How to Keep Bees Away from Hummingbird Feeders? (9 Best Ways)

How to Keep Bees Away from Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds are drawn toward feeders with rich nectar recipes; however, bees are drawn to nectar as well. Understanding how bees and birds behave may assist us in resolving our feeding problem. However, the subject of how to drive bees away from hummingbird feeders persists. There are several methods to do this without hurting birds or … Read more

Best Hummingbird Food Recipe without Boiling

Best Hummingbird Food Recipe without Boiling

Hummingbird feeding and enticing may be easy and enjoyable in your private yard. You can prepare your fresh hummingbird nectar in only a few steps without boiling any liquid/water. These small birds’ hearts may pulse as fast as 1,260 times each minute, and they typically flap their wings Seventy times every sec. To support their extraordinarily … Read more