Can Parakeets Eat Grapes?

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Parakeets are birds that are small in size, and they can be kept as a pet at home. These birds adapt to the environment quickly and can also learn to understand the owner if kept with care.

These birds are popular due to their beautiful colors and good looks, and people keep them at home as pets. But taking care of a parakeet is one thing that is not very easy as these birds can be affected quickly if they aren’t provided with proper food. It’s a very common question among parakeet owners which that asks, “Can Parakeets Eat Grapes?

We did a detailed study and research on this topic to compile all the data to include in this article in order to answer these questions. Yes, parakeets can eat grapes as it is a healthy fruit, and it provides basic necessities to the bird. It’s the responsibility of the owner to provide clean grapes to the parakeet so that it doesn’t get sick.

Sometimes it is very hard to know the nature of your bird as some parakeets love eating the same fruit while others may not. You should not be forcing your parakeet to eat grapes either, as your little bird may not be interested in eating them. You should also know that don’t provide grapes too much to your parakeet as it may cause bad health effects on your parakeet due to high fructose present in grapes.

Going deeper into the discussion, you may find the answer to your questions related to parakeets and grapes.

Can Parakeet Eat Grapes

Can Parakeets Eat Grapes?

Yes, Parakeets can eat grapes because these fruits don’t contain any kind of toxic in them that may affect the appetite of your bird. That is why you should feed your parakeet with grapes in moderation and not in excess.

Giving parakeet a high amount of grapes can affect its health and sometimes also cause loose motion to the bird, which may also weaken the strength of your bird.

You can use grapes from time to time after a week or more so that your bird enjoys the fruit as well as stays healthy. It is recommended by specialists that you should only feed your pet birds once a week with such fruit and only giving the quantity of one or two grapes.

Are Grapes Healthy For Parakeet?

The grapes are rich in minerals like Manganese and Potassium that are essential for every living being, including pet birds. We have shared a nutritional value table below that shows details for the nutritional values of each mineral in a table which also includes rich sources of Vitamins A, C, and K that are usually very good for health.

Grapes Nutritional Values

Name Amount
Calories 104
Protein 1.1g
Carbohydrates 27.3 g
Manganese 5% of RDI
Fiber 1.4 g
Potassium 8% of RDI
Vitamin C 27% of RDI
Vitamin K 28% of RDI
Fat 0.2 g

Source: WebMD

Vitamins and Minerals

These Vitamins and Minerals are very essential for a living organism to consume in order to stay healthy and fit. Each of them present in the grapes give a different advantage to your pet bird.


Potassium is highly essential for a parakeet to maintain its blood pressure and improve the health of the parakeet’s heart.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important in the growth and redevelopment of the body tissues of your parakeet.

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Manganese has a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It plays a vital role in the nerve and brain function of your parakeet.


The fiber in grapes helps to control the blood sugar levels as well as helps a living organism to live longer.

How Often Can Parakeet Eat Grapes?

Leafy foods are constantly thought to be a healthy diet. The parakeets are little, and their stomach-related framework is much more delicate than a human. Whole bunches of grapes may not affect a human appetite; the equivalent can’t be said with regards to parakeets. Parakeets can eat grapes but not often.

It is not difficult to accept that since grapes are little appropriate for your parakeet to nibble on. In any case, they really contain significant degrees of fructose. Feeding your parakeet with an excessive number of grapes containing sugar elements can lead to stoutness and medical issues.

However, this doesn’t imply that these birds cant eat grapes. This organic product isn’t poisonous in any way for your bird, but you just have to feed it once in a while. It is prescribed to just take care of your parakeet by feeding with one or two grape only once a week.

How To Feed Grapes To Parakeets?

You can feed grapes to your parakeet easily, but you need to be careful to wipe clean those grapes first before feeding your parakeet. You can either give a small grape to your bird so that it can nibble on it slowly by itself, or you can tear the grape in pieces and give it to your bird which will make it easier for the bird to eat.

Parakeet Grapes

You just need to take care of the advice to only feed your parakeet with grapes once a week with minimum quantity to avoid any health issues for your bird.

How Many Grapes Should I Feed My Parakeet?

As from the experts, it is highly recommended not to feed your budgie or parakeet with many grapes. While the grapes may be beneficial due to several minerals in them, but they also have high fruit-sugar levels called fructose. This sugar level can lead to stomach problems for your bird which is why you should only give one or two-piece of grapes in a week to your parakeet.

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Alternative Foods for Parakeet

You can avoid giving a high dose of grapes to your bird, and you can feed it with other fruits as well. There are other fruits that will provide good nutritional benefits to your parakeet. Here are a few.

  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Pellets
  • Fruits
  • Seed


This was a discussion on parakeets and grapes. You can feed parakeets with a limited quantity of grapes each week to take care of their health. For more details, leave a comment in the box given below.


What else can I feed my parakeet with, apart from the grapes?

Since parakeets are living organisms, they need a solid eating regimen. Like different birds, a standard eating regimen of seed can do, yet there’s no restriction to that. Seeds are good for feeding. However, they should just involve a bit of the eating regimen as they’re high in fat. Parakeets can be fed with fruits like apples, bananas, melons, etc. Other than these, you can also give them Seeds and pellets.

How often should I feed my budgie?

You can feed your budgie 3 times a day, and you will just have to make sure that you are feeding it with clean and proper food. Usually, the best time for feeding your parakeet is the morning time, then afternoon and evening. You need to clean or remove the old food from its bowl and make sure fresh food is served to the bird to provide any illness.

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