Can Parakeets Eat Carrots?

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Parakeets need a balanced diet even when you are keeping them as pets at home. Staying healthy requires the consumption of healthy food items that also includes fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables play a major role in the development of the health of a parakeet. Vegetables like carrots are very healthy for parakeet if they are fed properly.

You need to take care of your parakeet, and in case you are looking for answers that whether you can feed parakeets with carrots or not, then yes, you can feed your parakeets with carrots. Carrots have nutritional values to give good health to your bird. We discuss carrots and parakeets in detail in the discussion below.

Can Parakeets Eat Carrots?

Can Parakeets Eat Carrots?

Yes, Parakeets can eat carrots. When you are considering healthy vegetable items for your parakeet, carrot is also one of them included in the list. Feeding your pet with the right food is important if you don’t want to risk its life. Parakeets can eat carrots, and they are rich in vitamins which is beneficial for the bird’s health.

A carrot that is cut into small pieces is easier for the parakeet to consume; otherwise, it’s really hard for the parakeet to nibble on it due to its hard surface. Your parakeet may not like wasting its energy with a solid carrot so try to cut it into small chunks for your bird so that it can easily feed on it.

Are Carrots Healthy For Parakeet?

Carrots are healthy because of their nutritional values present in them. But according to research, a boiled carrot is more nutritious and consumable by your bird. You should consider consulting your avian vet before you give boiled carrots to the parakeet. Otherwise, for average living things, boiled carrot isn’t harmful at all.

Carrots Nutritional Values

Carrots have good nutritional values that we have listed in the table given below.

Nutrients Quantity
Energy 41 Calories
Vitamin C
7.6 mg
Vitamin E 0.8 mg
Niacin 1.3 mg
0.1 mg
Vitamin A
21383 IU
Thiamin 0.1 mg
Sodium 88.3 mg
Potassium 410 mg
42.2 mg
Iron 0.4 mg
15.4 mg
44.8 mg
0.3 mg
12.3 g
Protein 1.2 g
Dietary fibers 3.6 g

Source: SelfNutritionData

How Often Can Parakeet Eat Carrot?

First, you will need to understand your bird’s choice when you are introducing the carrots to him. Try to slowly give him carrots and see his response whether he likes it or not. Carrot is hard, and it may not seem to be perfect for the digestive system of your parakeet, but you can consider giving carrots in pieces or chunks twice or thrice in a week so that your parakeet’s appetite won’t get affected. Giving boiled carrots to your bird won’t be an issue.

How To Feed Carrot To Parakeets?

If you are worrying that how would you feed a carrot to your parakeet? Then it’s an ideal choice to shred the carrot into small pieces that are easy to nibble on by the parakeet.

parakeets eating carrots

Make it suitable for the actual bite-size of your parakeet to consume. Wash the carrots or boil them and then provide your parakeet with fresh and clean carrot.

How Many Carrots Should I Feed My Parakeet?

It’s a matter of fact that any fruit or vegetable in high quantity is never beneficial for the health of your pet. Carrots are healthy food, but they can harm the health of a parakeet in case if they are fed regularly to these little birds. Parakeets don’t have a strong metabolism, so avoid giving too many carrots to your parakeet.

When you want to take care of your parakeet by feeding it with various fruit items and vegetables, then consider giving him carrots into chunks by feeding him in moderation after days. Try to give a carrot to the parakeet after 1 or 2 days so that its health is not affected.

It will be a smart decision if you are giving a carrot to your parakeet as a treat or reward for some activities. In this way, you would only provide him with a limited amount of carrots each week.

Alternative Food for Parakeet

If you are thinking that your parakeet might not like eating too much carrot or if it has stopped eating carrots, then don’t force your bird to eat it. It will spoil his health. Try to go for alternative fruit or vegetables that provide all the nutritional values for your parakeet. Some of the healthy alternatives that you can give to your parakeet are.


This was a discussion about parakeets and carrots. The discussion included info related to carrots and their benefits to the parakeet’s health. We also discussed that consumption of too much carrot might be harmful to the parakeet, so it’s best to feed it with boiled carrots in moderation. For more details, leave a comment in the box below.


Would parakeets be able to eat raw carrots?

A group of parakeets can eat a whole carrot very quickly when they’re eager. They even appreciate eating the new green leaves of the carrot tops. Cut carrots into huge lumps and spots around the cage of your parakeet, or give finely hacked pieces in a dish for new parakeets to take proper care of them.

How would you give carrots to parakeets?

You can urge your pet parakeet to eat carrots by eating carrots yourself before your bird; this ought to urge your pet to attempt it. You can shred the carrots in small pieces, cut them, and even better, you can offer it blended in with different vegetables in a bowl for an assortment of nutrients and minerals.

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