Why Do Birds Peck at Windows? How to Stop Birds Pecking At Windows?

Have you ever noticed birds pecking at your windows?

It may seem harmless, but it can cause damage to your windows and even harm the birds.

But why do birds peck at windows in the first place? And more importantly, is there a way to stop it?

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this behavior and explore practical solutions to help keep your windows bird-free.

Why Do Birds Peck At Windows?

Birds pecking at windows is a common behavior that can be caused by a variety of reasons.

One of the main reasons is that birds may see their reflection in the window and perceive it as a rival bird.

This can trigger territorial behavior, causing the bird to attack its reflection.

Another reason is that birds may mistake the window for open space and fly into it, and they will peck at it in an attempt to escape.

Sometimes, birds may peck at windows to communicate with other birds they see in the reflections.

It’s also possible that the bird is attracted to insects or other prey that are near the window or on the window sill and may peck at the window to try to capture them.

How to Stop Birds Pecking At Windows?

Birds have a strong sense of territory, and when they catch sight of their own reflection, they might become aggressive.

They assume they’ve encountered an enemy and react violently when they discover your windows are made of glass.

This aggressiveness usually peaks during mating season.

These are some of the methods to stop birds from pecking at windows.

1. Eliminate the Perching Opportunity

Eliminating perching areas is one solution to the problem of birds tapping on windows every morning.

Get rid of potential launching spots, including adjacent branches or jutting wood or concrete below the window.

Without a perch, these birds will stop coming to the window. Although time-consuming, this method ensures that the problem is resolved for good.

2. Reflection Obstruction

Pecking on a window is bad for the bird and the glass; therefore, it’s best to avoid it.

Therefore, it is preferable not to have the passers-by see their own reflection in the glass windows.

This may be accomplished in various ways, including:

Put a huge, eye-catching sticker on the window, ideally one with a matte finish and a dark color.

Talk to an experienced window maker for advice on the most appropriate decal to use.

Pick one that won’t show any reflection.

You may use cardboard to cover the window from the interior or the outside. Naturally, you want to select a neat and simple material so that your window doesn’t end up appearing sloppy.

When birds come to visit your house, window coverings are a great way to prevent them from seeing their reflections.

They are also useful for blocking the sun’s rays from entering your home.

Cover your windows outside with curtains.

The daily ritual of switching out the curtains would be a fantastic opportunity to exercise your imagination.

Curtains are a classic way to improve the aesthetics of any room.

3. Soap Wash Your Windows

Soapy windows

If your windows are spotless, the birds will appear as a mirror image. Naturally, you can’t let dust and debris build up on your windows so that birds won’t peck at them.

Soaping windows is the most effective method, however, for keeping birds at bay.

Make a frothy mix of soap and water and scrub the windows until the shine disappears.

As soon as the bird can no longer be reflected in your windows, it will stop attempting to break in.

Soap up first thing in the morning, then wash or wipe it off in the evening.

Continue doing this the next morning and every day afterward.

4. Use Distractions

A wind chime placed outside a window may deter birds from pecking at the glass.

Whenever the wind blows, the birds’ attention will be diverted away from your windows, and they will stop pecking at them.

The sound of a sprinkler is another distraction method you might use to divert the pecking bird’s interest.

The birds would either go on their own or get too preoccupied to continue pecking.

In addition to using a string to suspend old CDs or other shiny things outside your windows, you may also use this technique.

It’s likely that the birds would stop pecking or at least stop coming close.

5. Employ Scare Tactic

Birds of prey, particularly smaller ones, strike fear in the hearts of passerines.

To keep birds from settling in the rafters, just put up a plastic owl or cat figurine near the window.

You may either leave the animal-shaped things where they are constantly or bring them out just when the birds begin to peck.

6. Cover Windows with Mesh

mesh in window

However, not all birds become more violent during mating.

Titmice, northern cardinals, robins, mockingbirds, and goldfinches are just a few of the hostile species of birds.

Use netting on your outside window to prevent them from scratching themselves.

If you do not intend to put mesh over every window, just put it over the one where the birds are entering.

You can buy this Magnetic Window Screen on Amazon. I use this and I highly recommend it. 

7. Draw On the Windows

If a bird continues pecking at a window, eventually, it will do serious damage.

You may stop this from occurring by drawing a grid or any other pattern on your windows.

Draw a line on the glass or do anything else you want to do using a high-quality fluorescent marker.

This is a fun activity, and your kids will enjoy the opportunity to use their imaginations by creating their own artwork.

Because of the designs on your glass, passing birds won’t be able to see their reflection.

They won’t attack your house if they can’t see their reflection.

8. Paint the Windows

window paint

Having your windows painted in a color that birds find unappealing is an excellent way to prevent damage from bird attacks.

That way, you may update them as needed.

You can prevent birds from crashing into your windows by painting them.

Matte paint is your best option if you don’t want the bird’s picture to pop out of the wall.

9. Utilize a Plastic Drop Fabric

To hide their homes’ windows from the street, many people use nylon drop cloths.

This is a brilliant idea since the drop cloth will prevent any glare from the window.

What’s more, if you go this way, you won’t lose any of your home’s natural lighting.

A nylon drop cloth is very simple to set up.

You may easily cover the top part of your windows by nailing cloth to the upper part of your windows.

10. Install a Window Stick-on Deflector

Putting up a deflector that you can attach to your windows is among the finest ways to protect yourself from flying insects.

Stick-on deflectors prevent the passerines from seeing their reflection.

Also, this kind of product is very simple to use. In addition to requiring no special tools for application or removal, it may be applied and taken off with little effort.

The good news is that you have your pick of a wide variety of styles.

The deflector may be stuck on, and it can improve the aesthetics of your house.


Birds may be discouraged from pecking at windows in a number of ways. Know that we can’t guarantee that any of these strategies will help you.

In any case, you can test out each option and choose the one that proves most useful.

Leave us a comment if you have any novel suggestions for protecting your windows against avian aggressors. Thank You.


Why do birds peck at windows?

Birds peck at windows because they may perceive their reflection in the window as a rival bird, which triggers territorial behavior and causes the bird to attack its reflection.

What is the best way to stop birds from pecking at windows?

There is no one best way to stop birds from pecking at windows, as the effectiveness of different methods can vary depending on the specific situation. Some methods that have been found to be effective include applying visual deterrents such as decals or stickers, using a bird feeder away from windows, keeping windows clean, using window screens, covering windows with shades or curtains, using netting or bird wire to physically block birds, and removing bird feeders that are close to windows.

Are there any humane methods to stop birds from pecking at windows?

Yes, there are humane methods to stop birds from pecking at windows. These include using visual deterrents such as decals or stickers, using a bird feeder away from windows, keeping windows clean, using window screens, covering windows with shades or curtains, using netting or bird wire to physically block birds, and removing bird feeders that are close to windows. These methods do not harm the birds and instead discourage them from pecking at the windows.

Is it normal for birds to peck at windows?

Yes, it is normal for birds to peck at windows. This behavior can be caused by a variety of reasons such as perceiving reflections as rival birds, mistaking windows for open space, or being attracted to insects or other prey near the windows.

How can I tell if a bird is pecking at my window because it's sick or injured?

A sick or injured bird may show visible signs of injury or illness, such as a limp, an obvious wound, or a drooping wing. They may also be less active and less able to fly. If you suspect a bird is sick or injured, it’s best to contact a wildlife rehabilitation center for assistance.

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