10 Best Birding Apps (Android and iOS)

This article lists the top 10 birdwatching apps of the past year, followed by a quick yet detailed overview.

Along with this explanation, you can read a few important details that might assist you in choosing the best app for bird identification.

These applications may assist you in determining the species of a bird or obtaining fast information about a flying species around your garden.

A few of the facts you’ll learn, such as how quickly the applications can detect a bird and how many species are already in their database.

Merlin Bird IDMerlin Bird ID
National Geographic BirdsNational Geographic Birds
Peterson BirdsPeterson Birds
iBird ProiBird Pro
Audobon BirdsAudobon Birds
Larkwire Learn Bird SongsLarkwire Learn Bird Songs
EyeLoveBirds: Bird ChecklistsEyeLoveBirds: Bird Checklists
Collins Bird GuideCollins Bird Guide
Smart Bird IDSmart Bird ID

Best Birding Apps (Android and iOS)

1. Merlin Bird ID

Merlin Bird ID App

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Merlin Bird ID application seems to be a free software designed specifically for beginning birders.

It starts with such a library that only comprises the most frequent North American birds, so you’re unlikely to stumble across a unique species.

On the other hand, the search tool is straightforward, consisting of queries such as where and when you observed the bird, its color, size, and what it had been performing.

Using these details, the application will highlight the most frequent birds that match your description, allowing you to identify the species of the bird you spotted.

It will also employ data from the eBird citizen-scientist project’s thousands of observations. It’s the greatest birdwatching software in terms of capability since it’s fast and simple to be used.


  • How much time will it takes to find a bird: it will take just 7 seconds to proceed.
  • Drawings/Photos: About more than 8000 top-quality photographs have been taken by the best photographers.
  • How many birds: the database contains about 400 birds, but only common species.
  • Recordings: more than 3000 top-quality recordings are there.


  • It includes high-quality photographs and videos.
  • There is no need for the internet since it works offline too.


  • This application is available only for iOS devices.

Google Play


2. National Geographic Birds

National Geographic Birds is now a considerably bigger database that may be accessed by any birder, beginner, or professional. However, it is the finest birding software for those who have some intermediate birdwatching expertise.

You may look for birds using the integrated search engine or even by shape, region, or color. You’ll be able to recognize birds you see this way outdoors.

The search engine is easy to use since the table of ideas updates as you add additional letters to the search. Whereas the photos are relatively small, pinch zoom allows you to enlarge them.


  • How much time will it takes to find a bird: not more than 5 seconds to proceed. The extra seconds might take having to click on the search button
  • Drawings / Photos: About more than 1600 high-quality photographs of different birds species and more than 650 range maps with distinct colors for summer and winter ranges
  • How many birds: the database contains about 860 different species
  • Recordings: Certain, however, only a limited number of audios is accessible for each species


  • Relatively one of the big database
  • multiple search options are available
  • one of the best graphics display


  • The application is available for iOS devices only 
  • The pictures are too small

3. Peterson Birds

Peterson Birds
Credits – App Store

Peterson’s is quite well for producing a comprehensive field guide, and this application is no exception. This is the finest birding application for elderly birders who are used to paper field guides since it delivers data in a comparable manner.

It has an index from which you may choose a bird, and the program will take you to its website. You may also utilize a search engine to help the process go faster.

When you discover the bird you’re searching for, you may explore drawings of it as well as maps of the locations it inhabits.

The application provides graphics rather than photographs to offer far more information on the morphology of the bird.

It’s the greatest bird-watching application since it includes customizable checklists, sounds for every species, and the ability to log your individual observations.


  • How much time will it takes to find a bird: not more than 5 seconds to proceed. The additional few seconds might be taken for clicking on the search button 
  • Drawings / Photos: One image per species rather than pictures (which may be a big help for detail-oriented observers), in addition to 500 egg and nest photographs 
  • How many birds: the database contains more than 800 different species 
  • Recordings: more than 700 top-quality recordings are there


  • It can be used on both iOS and Android devices
  • Graphics that are more realistic and detailed
  • On a bird’s website, you may upload your own images


  • There are none visible.


4. iBird Pro


iBird Pro might well be inexpensive, but it is certainly worth the investment. Because it includes both basic and sophisticated technologies, this is the finest birding application for both novice and expert birders.

The search tool enables you to browse for birds based on a variety of characteristics, such as look and location, delivering rapid and accurate outcomes.

This is also the greatest application for identifying birds and documenting your own observations. This allows you to add new entries to the database.

Each species’ website has tabs for noises, related birds, and journals, but you’ll also find tabs for recognition and habitat if you go further.

This is the finest birding application for learning more about birds across Central, South, and North America since it delivers intriguing information.


  • How much time will it takes to find a bird: just a few seconds to proceed 
  • Drawings / Photos: Full-color images in high resolution, sitting and flying views, and complete range maps 
  • How many birds: the database contains more than 946 different species in the Ultimate version
  • Recordings: Most of the bird’s realistic songs and cries


  • Every species does have a significant amount of data.
  • Quick searching is available on both Android and iOS.


  • Only contains information about American birds.

Google Play


5. Audobon Birds

Audobon Birds
Credits – Audobon

Audobon Birds is perhaps the greatest birding application for detail-oriented birders since it allows you to browse a plethora of facts regarding the bird’s characteristics and ecology.

It includes thorough details of each species, as well as high-resolution images and audio. 

Each species also includes an up-to-date distribution map, and wintering maps are provided for over 250 birds. Finally, the software is completely free and accessible on all systems.

Ultimately, it is the finest bird-watching software for birders of all abilities since it is very renowned, quick, and reliable.


  • How much time will it takes to find a bird: not more than 3 seconds to proceed. The extra seconds might take having to click on the search button 
  • Drawings / Photos: Top-of-the-line color photographs
  • How many birds: the database contains more than 760 different species 
  • Recordings: more than 2300 top-quality recordings of bird songs are there 


  • Its database includes maps for all bird species.
  • Accessible for free on both Android and iOS.


  • Wintering maps are not accessible for all species.

Google Play


6. eBird

Credits – eBird

This is a must-have application for every bird and wildlife enthusiast!

Look no further than eBird Mobile for a bird checklist application to keep records of your adventure.

This software, which is accessible for iPhone and Android, enables you to get “packs” or a collection of species seen by other eBirders around your region.

When you spot a bird, please write down the species and how many of them you observed. When you upload it, it synchronizes with your eBird account and is added to the great reservoir of birding information.

Google Play


7. Larkwire Learn Bird Songs

Larkwire Learn Bird Songs
Credits – Larkwire

Among iPhone bird applications, Larkwire is the only application that concentrates completely on educating birders on how and where to spot birds by sound—and it is excellent at it.

Because the courses are provided as games that have been refined by employing the most recent cognitive methods of learning, effective learning is almost assured.

You should make in-app purchases to acquire all of the elements, but it’s not a bad suggestion for over 2,500 virtual-produced song and call recordings of more than 400 North American birds.


8. EyeLoveBirds: Bird Checklists

EyeLoveBirds: Bird Checklists
Credits – App Store

If you’re seeking an easy-to-use bird viewing app, you should look at EyeLoveBirds.

iPhone users will like browsing through detailed yet well-designed bird profiles that include field markings, trivia, attractive photographs, high-quality recordings, and location maps.

These are organized into packs by region, which you may buy based on your region. Customizable choices enable you to arrange bird lists the way you choose.


9. Collins Bird Guide

Collins Bird Guide
Credits – Nature Guides

The famed Collins Bird Guide’s gorgeous graphics are now backed with clear audio and mobile bird tracking features.

However, the robust search tool and analysis functionality set this bird guide application distinct from the competition.

It lets you select species according to characteristics rather than simply the name, and it compiles a database of birds that resemble the one you are attempting to verify.

You’ll know the fantastic bird-identifying application reviews after you test it.

Google Play


10. Smart Bird ID

Smart Bird ID
Credits – App Store

Smart Bird ID is a bird picture and calls identifying software that you should consider installing.

Take a photo, video, or song audio of the unknown bird, play it over the application, and you’ll have a result. It even operates without the internet!

Then, add the observations to your birdwatching groups and share them with others. Unlimited identifications, family membership, fun quizzes, and cloud backup are available as in-app purchases, allowing all of us to join in on the adventure.

Google Play



All of the applications in this post offer sophisticated search engines, large databases, and rich photos and maps.

However, we really appreciated the Merlin Bird ID application and believe it to be the greatest birdwatching software available right now.

If you’ve tried a different app while birding and were pleased with it, kindly inform us in the comments.


Is there an application that can identify a bird if you snap a photo?

The Merlin Bird Photo ID smartphone application can distinguish numerous North American species from images and then provide a list of species that match your specification and are anticipated in your region.

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